Writing prompt for issue 14.1


House amongst redwood trees, by Frank Schulenberg

House amongst redwood trees, by Frank Schulenberg

So, here’s the image we’ve chosen as a writing prompt for the upcoming issue 14.1: Spring in Cascade Canyon, Mill Valley, California, courtesy of  photographer Frank Schulenburg. A place with a nearly fairy-tale flavor to help spark your imagination.  We hope it inspires you to surprise yourself with a small poem you may not have written otherwise. We invite you to add your best efforts to our comment box below.

We’ll include the stand-out poem(s) in our forthcoming issue, tinywords 14.1,  due out in early April.

Regular submissions will continue to be accepted at our submissions page through Monday, March 3, 2014.


Time to get lost in the woods. The Redwoods.


The Editors


101 Responses

  1. yfm/gm Says:

    breathless beauty
    peaceful calm reverberates
    under the looming redwood

  2. Rita Odeh Says:

    on the path
    to the hidden garden…
    we find
    our song and sing it,
    our love and live it

  3. lkkolp Says:


    Up to the cottage, our getaway
    is inviting and quaint,
    an enchanting hideaway–
    up to the cottage. A getaway
    for time without complaint,
    to live without restraint.
    Up to the cottage, our getaway
    is inviting and quaint.

    ~Laurie Kolp

  4. Paul Heinowski Says:

    You can hug them
    soft on your cheek
    sequoia trees

  5. bgwarburton Says:

    Verdant path speckled
    with sunlight alighting my

  6. Chris Oben Says:

    where oh where
    can the butterfly be
    adrift in the sea of green

  7. hedgarhix Says:

    So much nature carefully arranged
    around one expensive cottage.
    A sparrow singing further down the road.

  8. MarkDanowsky Says:

    We found the house by chance
    drunk on stories of old times—
    taken aback by the puzzle-
    piece roof, lush secrecy
    behind fern and cobble
    glad for our imagination
    running, no, fleeing
    from our failed hunt for morels,
    morsels under fallen giants—
    Nature finding a way
    to give us something back,
    something new

  9. Claudette Russell Says:

    under the redwoods
    my thoughts
    grow still

  10. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    tiny house—
    canopy light seeps through
    ferns in a garden

  11. Claudette Russell Says:

    coming home again
    sunlight warming
    the memories

  12. Claudette Russell Says:

    all the reasons
    to step off the path

  13. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    "nippy spring"

    roses bloom
    on a tiny path;
    the glory of majestic treetops escapes
    nippy spring resting on the skin

  14. purushOttamaraavu Says:

    greenery all around
    waking up environs
    spring on wings

  15. Olivier Schopfer Says:

    green world
    a different shade

  16. Joe Llewellyn Says:

    …forgetting 'five' to hide 'four' rose clover…

  17. purushOttamaraavu Says:

    greenery all around
    old yielding place to new
    spring around smiles

  18. Isak Kempe Says:

    On the path
    we find our way
    off it.

  19. hedgarhix Says:


    Inside the fashionable garden is a cottage.
    Inside the fashionable cottage is a lady.
    Inside the fashionable lady is the best fashion.

  20. Penny Harter Says:


    Born in a dream
    this stone cottage nested
    among the redwoods.

    Its window reflects
    sun on a tangle of foliage—
    green faery fire within.

    Older than we are, younger by far
    than the ancient ones around it,
    this dwelling calls us home.

  21. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    green pathway…
    reflections in a still pond
    dwarfed by trees

  22. Elle Says:

    Birds wonder at the window
    Humming witch stirs her pot
    Cat sneezes at spicy magic

  23. Jana Staurovska Says:

    Looking from the window
    pondering the beauty of
    roses, trees and ferns

  24. Grace Galton Says:

    gingerbread house
    deep in the forest
    trail of pebbles

  25. Garry Eaton Says:

    moss covered path
    to an old cottage door –
    is that a fairy slipper?

  26. codyhuddleston Says:

    redwood forest

    even our home

    feels at home

  27. Nicole Says:

    tiny hints of light
    explode like sparks from the hearth
    under dense foliage

  28. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    images of crosses
    convex foliage

  29. thomas jedi kinkade Says:

    these are not the illuminated cottages you are looking for

  30. Karen Stromberg Says:

    even in the beauty of this forest
    humans still want more–

  31. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    “forest fiesta”

    colorful fiesta of candy drops pervade
    logs of bread in a gentle spring oven
    by a pond of coconut juice
    bordering a stick of meandering green taffy

  32. Sally Biggar Says:

    Kinkadian cottages
    come and go —
    the redwood forest
    is the witness
    that remains

  33. Sylvia Forges-Ryan Says:

    Returning home
    the roses blooming
    better than ever

  34. ofoley Says:

    bed of flowers
    deep in the forest
    frames my cabin

  35. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    deep in the spring wood this quiet longing

  36. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    old brick…
    flowering trees adorn
    variegated shrubs

  37. Marie Shimane Says:

    in sunlit shadows
    among the towering pines
    thoughts of home abound

  38. Asni Amin Says:

    redwoods …
    the song of crickets at
    every turn

  39. Shloka Shankar Says:

    stone cottage…
    a pheasant's whistle
    from a redwood

  40. Marcus Liljedahl Says:

    red blossoms
    what power gave you wings
    to haunt my dreams?

  41. Catherine J.S. Lee Says:

    just as he promised:
    the stone cottage at the end
    of a lush green lane . . .
    in such hidden spots we find
    what we scarcely dare to dream

  42. Maureen Virchau Says:

    redwood forest
    birdsong nestling
    in the breeze

    beneath the redwoods
    I remember how
    to breathe

  43. Chris Oben Says:

    where oh where
    can the butterfly be
    adrift amidst the sea of green

  44. Ramesh Anand Says:

    round well
    i swim in circles
    with a tied string

  45. Diane Says:

    through layers of bark
    riding the scent of moss in the wind
    I travel the path home

  46. kjmunro Says:

    ivy clings to stone
    from fern to flower

  47. Joe Llewellyn Says:

    forgetting our
    game of hide-and-go-seek…

  48. Joanne Hofmeister Says:

    long winter
    in my cup of jasmine tea
    summer dreams

  49. fureya sayinkul Says:

    echoes from the past
    hidden among the redwoods
    unveils the seasons

  50. barbara a taylor Says:

    by birdsong
    at breakfast

  51. Theresa C. Says:

    moss, roots retrace
    fairy trails 

  52. Theresa C. Says:

    moss, gnarled roots trace
    fairy trails

  53. sanjuktaa Says:

    taking a detour
    the spring stumbles
    upon me

  54. haikuapprentice Says:

    not a flood
    but forests arose
    to submerge our sin

  55. Michelle Says:

    these mighty redwoods
    guarding this gingerbread house
    with filtered sunbeams
    remembering that last walk
    the things she tried to give me

  56. Lisa Helen Brown Says:

    If I happen upon
    a place such as this,
    may birds eat my trail of breadcrumbs.

  57. Romano Zeraschi Says:

    fairy forest:
    no knight goes through …
    no bird sings

  58. Marianne Paul Says:

    in the deep of my woods–
    a wolf, grandmother, woodsmen
    and a child

  59. Romano Zeraschi Says:

    into the wild…
    lost in a fake camellia's scent …
    a fairy tale

  60. Pranav Kodial Says:

    enchanting cottage in photo—
    in childhood
    t’would be instantly mine

    #Comments: A stunningly beautiful photograph, inspiring so many feelings and ideas, I couldn’t fit them into a small poem. Appreciating one of the elements would be being unfair to the others.

    Then it struck me that I was looking at this photo as a grown-up adult; admiring the blossoms, the pond-well, the stone cottage, the grassy path etc.

    So I thought of looking at the photo from another angle. Had I been a child, I’d have looked at it as a whole. The entire wondrous scene would present as a delicious starting point of a fairy tale. Instantly, I would imagine myself ‘climbing into’ the photo, making this cottage and its surroundings ‘my own’ and setting forth on a fabulous adventure!

    The poem depicts that. The first line indicating that for an adult, it is only a photograph of an enchanting cottage. The second and third lines indicate my point of view as a child.

  61. Heather Butler Says:

    my dream garden
    grows wild in the woods …
    fairies welcome

  62. harshavardhan sushant Says:

    a petal

    on each ripple

    early spring

  63. Mary Davila Says:

    I stroll into maturity
    reaching for sunlight
    through the redwoods
    my smile shifts
    into dappled shades of spring

  64. Ann K. Schwader Says:

    spring haze
    just around the bend
    a bend

  65. Julie Warther Says:

    three under five
    what lies behind
    the bathroom door

  66. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:


    all the decades
    it waited for her
    and held a place
    for her old age

    and from my blogs

    five roads
    from this corner
    now I know
    my way home
    on them all

    home from mailing
    poetry notes
    monarch butterfly
    greets me
    at the back door

    Thank you

  67. Dan Slaten Says:

    hidden cottage
    offers temporary respite
    among springtime blooms

  68. Nasrin Nazemi Says:

    Cold stone
    Caressed by the greens
    Hope is the outlook
    Inside, are the dreams

  69. Joanna M. Weston Says:

    the path
    to your door
    many leaves

  70. Joanna M. Weston Says:

    to sit
    in the shadows –
    only you

  71. Pranav Kodial Says:

    beautiful! :)

  72. AnithaVarma Says:

    tall redwoods…
    the tiny cottage nestles
    amidst rich verdure

  73. Peter Newton Says:

    in the presence of redwoods equally young

  74. John Hawkhead Says:

    through leaf clad silence
    sunlight patters from roof tiles
    into the dark pond

  75. Julie Warther Says:

    filtered sunlight . . .
    the whisper
    of fairy wings

  76. Katie Dee Says:

    Green, red, sap-blooded
    Sentinels outside my door
    Frighten me at night

  77. Billy Antonio Says:

    dreams of green things

  78. CJ Muchhala Says:

    Rose, lost in the wood,
    stumbles across a path to
    the house where fear resides

  79. Meredith Ackroyd Says:

    even the clothesline
    wears a patina of green
    at the garden's end

  80. Heidi Benjamin Says:

    Ferns as tall as the first turret
    The rhododendron appear but tiny
    And the hibiscus bloom as tho in the tropics

  81. Romano Zeraschi Says:

    fairy forest:
    no knight goes through …
    no birds sing

  82. Mary Emma Pierson Says:

    I looked at this magical scene,and it did suggest fairy tales and serenity and peacefulness,but the path beguiled me, and my thoughts took in a different direction.
    your hidden cottage
    the garden path
    you led me down

  83. Dan Slaten Says:

    beautiful spring day
    a tranquil forest cottage
    zombies lurk beyond

  84. Burke Edwards Says:

    Stealthily she steps
    From dew blade green to leaf mold grey,
    Through tendril arcs of ivy
    From tree limbs trembling pendulant,
    Into the green engulfing wood.

  85. Burke Edwards Says:

    Stealthily she steps,
    From dew blade green to leaf mold grey,
    Through tendril arcs of ivy
    From tree limbs trembling pendulant,
    Into the green engulfing wood.

  86. Marsha Hollingsworth Says:

    new growth trembles
    at the edges of spring

  87. Dru Philippou Says:

    afternoon sun
    a redwood's shadow leans
    into my childhood

  88. Carol Ann Palomba Says:

    redwoods, marking time
    in centuries, note the brief
    stay of a cottage

  89. Dru Philippou Says:

    A variation – Dru Philippou

    afternoon sun
    redwood shadows lean
    into my childhood

  90. snakypoet Says:

    On the chimney
    is that an eye?
    The house is alive!

  91. snakypoet Says:

    Where is my house
    in the forest —
    my secret
    fairytale house ?
    Where is my forest?

  92. horoscopegal Says:

    Lost in ferns and words
    and forest.

  93. kalaramesh Says:

    spring scents
    I walk in sync with
    my self


  94. kalaramesh Says:

    spring scents
    I walk in sync with
    my inner self


  95. @Zirconium Says:

    leaf-plates rinsed
    with spoonfuls of rain
    doll picnic

  96. @Zirconium Says:

    misplaced shadow —
    can I trust the leaves
    to cover my trail?

  97. Deborah P Kolodji Says:

    waking up
    to the scent of redwoods
    distant bird song

  98. Garry Says:

    fairy slipper=a seldom seen orchid native to the redwood forests,

  99. Tish Davis Says:

    spring path–
    the looking glass
    in the redwoods

  100. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    trunks of redwood trees –
    passing spring
    searching for lilies

  101. Christian Grey Says:

    ith sex, merely as it would be tough to tell a tale sprinkled

    with explicit sexual specific. In the very act of explaining sex as an incidental, you develop an excruciating sex scene.

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