bare trees
the credits for the war movie
white on black

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  1. Garry Says:

    An iconic take on war journalism. Excellent!

  2. susanmbotich Says:

    I find this an intriguing haiku; the initial emotional impact the imagery brings is stark and slightly jolting. When I contemplate it further, I find that the initial image of death is softened by the awareness of the inevitable follow-up of spring, as suggested with the bare trees. The credits, white on black as opposed to black on white, bring to mind some kind of hope. Nicely layered.

  3. bouwebrouwer Says:

    I love the graphic element of this haiku.

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    bare trees
    the credits for the war movie
    white on black


    An imaginative take on war movies that started off in b&w film, and now we often go to war in black and white, and sometimes the white race onto the black race, even fellow Black American soldiers not getting the recognition they deserve, and suffered.

    There's a lot of different layers of meaning we can all get into this poem, including being blacklisted in Hollywood, to being blacklisted in life because of race and skin tone, and so many different reasons.

    It may be that I am reading socio-political meanings when it may mean snow on the ground, and the early war films were shot in black and white.

    Lots of material for different kinds of readers.

    warm regards,


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