running wild
among the stones
of an old homestead
               voices echo

9 Responses

  1. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    Dear Jenny, A beautiful poem. Thank you.

  2. jennyangyal Says:

    Thanks, Ellen!

  3. janewilliams Says:

    A gorgeous scene, thank you.

    of my childhood
    always arriving
    after the school bell

  4. jennyangyal Says:

    Thanks, Jane! I like your response poem.

  5. peggy Says:

    absolutely lovely!

  6. jennyangyal Says:

    Thanks, Peggy!

  7. kalaramesh Says:

    Ab lovely, Jenny. . .

    The tanka is simply WOW!
    I read it many times and loved the way it ran 'wild'
    Hats off to the editors for choosing such good poems.

  8. jennyangyal Says:

    Thanks, Kala!

  9. hoa tuoi Says:

    Thank so much, I like your response poem.

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