unfolding a map
the ocean
between us

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  1. M. Shayne Bell Says:

    This is just beautiful! Every word of it perfect.

  2. donnafleischer Says:


  3. Peter Newton Says:

    This says something about discovering the intricacies and vast complexities of relationships. Like unfolding a large map, four hands are better than two.

  4. janewilliams Says:

    Love this. Where there's a map there's a way through the shifting layers of light and dark that make up the ocean(s) between us. And we make our own maps. Together.

    tourist guide map
    only we know
    the way home

  5. Magyar Says:

    matched chart
    sailed on opposite courses
    the same wake

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I love this. :)


  7. cara cantik Says:

    waaw cool…. awasome

  8. aniketnik Says:

    Eyes speak volumes
    Expressions on face make sure everything gets sorted out
    As of now everything going on at the back of mind has come to standstill.

  9. memakai lipstick Says:

    Agar pekerjaan lebih teliti dan tak mau mengulang kesalahan meskipun itu hanya kesalahan kecil.

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