Writing Prompt for tinywords 18.1

Photo of a dirt road with bluebonnets alongside it

The thing about a writing life is that you never know where the path is going to lead. Here in North America spring is just around the corner and in this photo image by Jim Nix, “Springtime in the Texas Hill Country,” the road beckons us to follow. Lining the way is the state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet. These flowers have inspired generations of American painters and we hope this landscape will inspire you as well to write a tiny poem or two. We invite you to put your best efforts in the comment box below. We’ll select the best of the best to start the next issue of tinywords, due out in late-March.

Keep in mind, we will continue to accept regular submissions for the next issue (issue 18.1) through the end of February at our Submit page.

Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your poems.