tinywords was founded in November 2000 by D. F. Tweney to deliver haiku to wireless devices and Internet email addresses. Haiku are short poems of 17 syllables or less, and most tinywords messages are under 100 characters long -- making them ideally suited to delivery on mobile devices such as cell phones, pagers, and wirelessly-connected PDAs and handhelds.

As of February 2007, tinywords.com has more than 2,700 subscribers in a wide variety of countries, representing every continent on Earth except Antarctica.

Haiku poets published on tinywords.com include rank novices as well as distinguished haiku poets and translators. "We welcome fine haiku of all kinds, regardless of whether it's your first haiku or your ten thousandth," says Tweney.

For more background info on tinywords, see our page about haiku. Find out about tinywords.com's purpose by reading our business plan. And don't miss our archive of haiku published on tinywords.com, including a handy search engine.

Want to know more? Looking for a press contact or a good quote? Send email to publisher d. f. tweney, dft at tinywords dot com.

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