tinywords is not currently accepting haiku submissions.

tinywords publishes quality original haiku, one per day. From 2000 to 2008, we published more than 1,500 haiku from hundreds of authors around the world. Our contributors range from first-time haiku writers to internationally respected poets. Your haiku make tinywords what it is.

Please read about our philosophy of haiku before submitting your work to us.

We do accept previously published haiku, but please include the original publication information when submitting your work.

Copyrights: We acquire non-exclusive publication and republication rights to any work published on tinywords.

What this means: You can reprint the work however you see fit without contacting us, including allowing others to reprint it. At the same time, we can reprint the work however we see fit, including allowing others to reprint it, online and in print.

When you reprint haiku that first appeared here, please mention that the first publication occurred in tinywords.

By submitting works to tinywords, you are agreeing to these terms.

We will let you know whether your haiku is accepted as soon as we can, although it may take up to six weeks for us to reply. We regret that we cannot generally offer specific advice or reasons for our decision. Some common reasons for rejection: