They call this flower white peony.
Yes, but
A little red.

—Takahama Kyoshi

Translated by Ryu Yotsuya. Used by permission of the translator. Originally published on:

About the author: Takahama Kyoshi (1874 - 1959).

Note by Ryu Yotsuya: In 1898, Kyoshi Takahama assumed the direction of the haiku magazine "Hototogisu" (the Cuckoo) that Kyokudo Yanagihara (1867 ~ 1957) and Shiki Masaoka had co-founded the previous year.

Kyoshi wrote mainly novelettes since 1907 up to 1912, but from 1913 he devoted himself to the creation of haikus and bringing up of disciples. Many haikuists supported his view of haiku, and Hototogisu became an important magazine to which a great number of poets contributed their haikus.

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Responses to the haiku for 17 April 2001 by Takahama Kyoshi

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-09-24 06:05:18

    yellow as the sun *
    her holding the buttercup
    too close to her nose