under a spring moon
my neighbours air
their dirty laundry

—Graham Nunn

About the author: Graham Nunn is a Queensland born poet who has had haiku published in international journals paper wasp and yellow moon and on tinywords.com. Recently he received a highly commended in the Seed Pearls International Yellow Moon Literary Competition, for his haiku. He also recently won the Yellow Moon renga competition writing with Rowan Donovan and the 2002 Jack Stamm haiku competiton.

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Responses to the haiku for 14 April 2003 by Graham Nunn

    2003-04-14 17:38:58

    Love it, love it. :)

    Stella Siador
    2003-04-15 16:05:02

    This haiku is good. I see a Jerry Springer moment in it. Well done.

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-04-19 05:36:09

    interesting haiku, but as someone said, "it reads akin to a sentence".

    spring moon
    airing dirty laundry...

    "thinking out loud
    adds to din
    earplugs in hand"

    and rather verbose.

    graham, creates the imagery, but so does anything else, if enough words are used.

    your thoughts were good, graham, though i ponder over how much thought was given to it's composition.

    wondering, what is "it", "guy" loves.

    again, i was in agreement with stella, until she stated, "well done". perhaps, just perhaps, a valid thought, she was completing her dinner order, as she reviewed graham's work. might i suggest the merlot.

    2003-04-20 21:10:18

    Good image.

    john tiong chunghoo (bagiruang at yahoo dot com)
    2004-01-06 03:48:10

    realising that i watch
    the moon more on films
    than in the sky

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-06-07 21:58:09

    dropping her ring
    beneath the coffee table --
    overlooked black sox