water colours
the artist dips her brush
into a stream

—kirsty karkow

About the author: My name is kirsty karkow. My husband and I live on the coast of Maine, enjoying all that nature has to offer, including inspiration for haiku. My haiku have been fortunate enough to win prizes and be published in 5
countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Croatia.


Responses to the haiku for 23 July 2003 by kirsty karkow

    Peter H. Pache (ppache at zianet dot com)
    2003-07-23 20:05:35

    Very well done; thank you.

    2003-07-23 20:13:30

    Oh Kirsty this is very very nice.
    Union of artist and nature, creativity and creation. When I feel like this after reading a haiku, I know something is very right.
    Thank you :~}


    Craig Mclanachan (cramar at actrix dot co dot nz)
    2003-07-23 20:21:22

    Nice idea! This has loads of AHA and involves the reader very well. Well done!

    Michael L. Evans (trailermike at charter dot net)
    2003-07-23 20:39:45

    Multi-layered ... but simple, delicate, and as
    beautiful as a painting. What more could a
    reader ask for? A really SPECIAL haiku!!

    john bird
    2003-07-23 20:47:39

    Thank you for sharing it.

    Connie Donleycott (cjkdtwo at comcast dot net)
    2003-07-23 21:05:00

    Kirsty, this is a wonderful haiku, in all ways!

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-07-23 22:21:35


    deborah (sellwein at hotmail dot com)
    2003-07-24 01:39:09

    Very nice atmosphere, layers and visual
    appeal. Good work, Kirsty, it's an enjoyable

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-07-24 05:39:24


    don socha (socha1de at cmich dot edu)
    2003-07-24 11:27:57

    Yes, Kristy. Congratulations on your first entry here.

    the artist dips his brush
    into the sea

    kirsty karkow
    2003-07-24 20:15:38

    I just want to say that I was pleasurably amazed at all the happy comments about the ku
    > water colours
    > the artist dips her brush
    > into a stream
    > I would like to thank everyone.
    > gratefully...kirsty karkow

    2003-07-24 20:42:08

    Just something breath taking. Thanks

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-07-25 01:06:05

    i hate to be the only dissenting voice; so, i waited, while being tempted to interject my thoughts, earlier

    the artist words spoke to me

    again, a remake, from sensing words that "point out", rather than allowing one to experience

    water colours...
    into a stream
    her brush dips

    yes, what a juxtapose we now have. the first line being suggestive of the many colors the water possesses, or even this being the medium the artistic is using, however i like my first interpretation, either could be used, both setting up a turning point.

    second line: into a stream, this further sets the scene, regardless of cleansing the brush or seeking the colors the stream presents. we are treated with what i call "a recall to the present from a lackadaisical pondering".

    third line: her brush dips, this completes the moment, though we are left wondering "is it still for cleansing sake or is the artist seeking the colors the water possesses, if only out of curiosity

    2003-08-01 05:20:28

    Congrats. It's a lovely haiku with multiple meaning: soft and tender like colour and water, and water colour and brush. I like the connotations.

    W.E._Greig (the_renga_master at hotmail dot com)
    2003-09-02 18:29:39

    I, '03s2, have read the inversion proposed by bob richardson on Kirsty Karkow's haiku. He is wrong in inverting lines 2 & 3, it is best that "into a stream" come last because stream is from nature, from the universe & is so rich, stream of what, from where--etc. And the indefinite article is better. Very very nice KK.

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-09-03 06:31:39

    i found myself laughing, extremely loud, this wednesday morning; simply amazing, how w.e. can take a suggestion and pronounce a verdict, "my being wrong".

    i relaxed and thought back, where in any of THE established rules does "into a stream", even if THE stream existed in nature, commands it be THE last line.

    "the (stream)" could be water flowing into (a) sink, HOWEVER, more on this another day.
    rather than being hasty, i took the time to reread my words, for the moment, they seemed somewhat vague to me.
    upon rethinking, i stand by my original (SUPPOSITION), yet, i would do some minor remake.

    my case in point:

    water colours...
    (in) "A" stream
    she dips her brush

    i scratched my beard, thinking of w.e.'s "indefinite article being better served". you were almost right w.e., so i changed the indefinite to "the" definite.

    "(AN) ending is coming, w.e.

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-09-03 06:42:39

    "(THE) end, w.e."

    in my opinion, mind you, THE indefinite articles that, readily, come to mind, being "a" and "an", show vagueness, while THE definite article, "the", shows our understanding which one, HOWEVER, i found myself wavering on the usage of THE definite article, because we, THE readers, do not know which brush, nor stream, kristy was referring to; it sounded better (to me), though incorrect

    w.k., remembering kristy's definite article, "the", and if (THE rules) were adhered to, "an" artist would have been THE correct usage of the indefinite article on l2.

    kristy wrote a nice piece; i removed THE story being told to us, demanding our interpretation.

    so, w.k., what do you think of this, if rules are being followed:

    water colours
    an artist dips her brush
    into a stream

    "indefinite article" correctness

    reminded of something, someone, once asked about me, "as to who i am"; i, now, apply to another, "who is this (w.e.)"