the bird's injured
left wing

—w. f. owen

About the author: w.f. owen (ToDrBill at aol.com) is a Professor of Communication, a founding member of the Central Valley Haiku Club of California, and a member of the Haiku Poets of Northern California and the Haiku Society of America. He publishes regularly in such journals as Frogpond, Modern Haiku and Acorn, and has received awards in the 2001 Henderson Haiku and Brady Senryu contests. In 2002, he has won awards in the World Haiku Festival R. H. Blyth contest and the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program contest sponsored by the California State Library Foundation.

Responses to the haiku for 3 February 2004 by w. f. owen

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-02-03 00:44:45

    mid night -
    the bed's sheets unwrinkle
    he walks the floor
    mid way, in winter
    the ice breaks -
    he remembers summer
    mid day, he watches and wait
    the moon shares the sky -
    her phone call soon

    ed markowski
    2004-02-03 11:05:16

    late summer
    three screws
    in the bat handle

    2004-02-03 17:54:00

    mid - sentence
    on the telephone
    husband interrupts..again

    H. Gene Murtha (Genemurt at cs dot com)
    2004-02-03 21:12:38

    ah, Prof. Bill, this is wonderful, kind of reminds
    me of a shrewed Killdeer, trying to out-fox a fox.

    As nice as: Adult Condor No. 8 (how sad, 4 wood
    duck boxes were shoot up where screech owls were


    Michael Meyerhofer
    2004-02-03 21:35:35

    I like this... Am I reaching too far if I read a political commentary in this?

    2004-02-03 23:11:10

    hum ... maybe Michael. Makes one think what Hilary
    Tann keeps saying?


    from the base
    of a falling farmhouse--
    black-eye susan

    ... for NJ's mandate

    john tiong chunghoo
    2004-02-04 01:05:38

    professor, i love yours. i wrote one about sparrows myself recently;

    fallen swallow
    claws, flaps its wings
    eyes affixed on the sky

    Narayanan Raghunathan (mahashishta at hotmail dot com)
    2004-02-06 00:13:49

    arctic dreams in
    an isolated village~

    my distant cottage~
    the footpath has vanished
    in white vastness

    a solitary rider zooms
    across the sky

    snow in front
    snow behind me
    snow all over~

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-08-08 22:25:23

    today, another day
    without rain