with my finger I
trace the delicate pattern
lace wing butterfly

—Sharmagne Leland-St. John

About the author: Sharmagne Leland-St. John is a Native American poet, concert performer, lyricist, artist, and film maker. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the poetry e-zine Quill and Parchment.com. Sharmagne spends time between her home in the Hollywood Hills, in Southern California and her fishing lodge on the Stillaguamish River in the Pacific Northwest.

Responses to the haiku for 7 October 2005 by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

    Vasile Moldovan
    2005-10-07 09:09:57

    Only a breath of wind-
    the paper butterfly
    goes on too

    Aurora Antonovic
    2005-10-07 13:38:09

    Great 'ku, Sharmagne!

    unnaturally still
    a butterfly lands
    on my waiting shoulder

    2005-10-07 13:55:41

    the green sky
    with flamy stars

    yooper nils
    2005-10-08 14:18:52

    first frost
    who etched i love you ""
    on my bedroom window"

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-10-09 06:54:37

    broken winged
    broken flight

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-10-09 06:55:13

    broken winged
    drunken flight

    2005-10-09 17:43:00

    the armless man
    caressing his dog
    with a hook

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2005-10-09 20:44:01

    gray butterfly---
    rubbing the headstone
    of his infant daughter

    Judith Ingram
    2005-10-09 23:19:13

    the morning fog,
    an orange butterfly

    kala ramesh
    2005-10-10 01:57:52

    That's a nice one - Judith Ingram

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-10-11 20:41:17

    solitary morning dance--
    is this
    kala's orange butterfly

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-10-11 22:23:32

    in the dead of night
    the butterfly's song

    kala ramesh
    2005-10-12 02:03:22

    I take it as a compliment that you STILL remember my orange butterfly!
    Ho! My day is done. . .my months .... my year.

    Many thanks

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-10-12 03:43:38

    it's short of amazing how some things remains at the forefront of my thoughts. this is to be said each time i see an orange butterfly, though i'm sure i'd seen thousands before. then came that faithful day, now i'll be forever reminded of you.
    i thank you.


    just me

    kala ramesh
    2005-10-12 06:11:21

    you do flatter me - truly!
    mark twain had said that he could live on a good compliment for two days .... well i can live on this for months and months !
    thanks bobby.

    with a song
    in my heart

    2005-10-24 17:33:20

    Thanks for all the comments. I didn't realise there would be any! Just Googled me and found them. Hey, is Ed Schwellenbach related to my fourth grade teacher? Mrs. Schwellenbach? She had grey hair and used to make us hold tarantulas on our hand! I covered mine with a pink sweater.

    lawrence williams
    2005-10-26 15:40:40

    bob and kala,
    guess what? i'm gagging
    on your sweetness, now
    i'm in a full blown state of

    kala ramesh
    2005-10-27 01:54:09

    That was good Lawrence . . .!

    With Diwali around the corner . . .
    i can offer you some more home-made sweets !!!

    lawrence williams
    2005-10-28 16:10:10

    i'm glad you found the humor
    in my response! one diwali
    poem for you.

    diwali dinner
    a plate of vindaloo
    reddens her cheeks

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-10-29 23:19:18

    lawrence, perchance you meant ketoacidosis

    lawrence williams
    2005-10-31 17:36:49

    ketosis / ketoacidosis are
    both acceptable. we on the medical front lines usually say, fruity breath."" when someone's
    unconscious, there's no time to squabble over semantics.

    heads or tails?
    the quarter is a quarter
    is a quarter"

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-11-01 19:39:26

    lawrence lawrence,
    through your own admission, you fail to understand there is a major difference between the two terms; and yet many (think) the two interchangeable. first, everyone at some point is in a (harmless) state of ketosis, akin to survival(living off one's body fat); however, i will not go any further in trying to explain the differences, unless you ask me to, simply (bury) the mistakes. oh yeah, it not so much a fruity aroma, but it's mistaken as alcohol.

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-11-01 19:59:34

    strange, lawrence's haiku brings to mind one from years ago, there being no similarity

    (18 September 2002)

    stuck in a crack
    of the old house's roof beam
    engraved wedding ring

    -Kelley Jean White

    strange how things recur within the framework of my thoughts, or perchance the sustenance of kelley's made up for what lawrence's lacked

    lawrence williams
    2005-11-02 08:21:29

    if you were in the medical field your patients would die while you haggled over
    semantics. i work in the medical field, no one has time to debate this type
    of foolishness.

    prado chekov
    2005-11-02 08:23:43

    are you really cliff klavan? you seem to know everything!

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-11-02 11:20:51

    i never haggle over semantics, simply making the proper diagnosis. and yet, how many die from an assumption.

    autumn morn
    standing at the cross roads--
    repetitive cuckold

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-11-02 11:41:36

    are you confessing an observation; because i try to be, at least, clear on the facts.

    he seagull""
    so misunderstood--
    anton chekhov(1860-1904)"

    lawrence williams
    2005-11-02 11:48:34

    blow the dust off of your medical dictionary
    and look it up. by the way, do you havean open spot
    in your appointment book? i need a new doctor.

    lawrence williams
    2005-11-02 14:42:34

    i agree with prado, you are cliff clavan. the kind of
    guy who had never been to paris, who would tell
    someone from paris what it's like to live in paris.
    ketosis / ketoacidosis...one in the same.

    Collin Barber
    2005-11-02 19:23:45

    Immanuel Kant wrote a book on Africa, never even visiting it. As a matter of fact, the farthest he ever traveled from home was 40 miles.

    bob is correct, but really, can't we all just get along...

    comatose father
    a child learns the word

    Collin Barber
    2005-11-02 20:02:44


    ketoacidosis is acidosis accompanied by ketosis, as in diabetic acidosis.

    btw, I worked in the emergency room for 4 years, now I work in radiation therapy.

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-11-03 03:12:36

    lawrence, odd, you've tilted the debate more-so in my favor, in one word excessive"". anything outside the norm is excessive. it is normal for virtually all individuals to be in a state of ketosis from time to time, however ketoacidosis is a major emergency... where did you say you worked, the morgue.(j/k)

    thanks collin

    btw, i have resided in paris

    days after wilma--
    birds of a feather
    perch on a wire, together

    akin to hurricane andrew, when so many trees were devastated, and stripped bare, birds flocked to the power wires"

    lawrence williams
    2005-11-03 08:12:08

    the point here is that in an emergency situation
    there's no time for semantics. the technicals
    are tossed for life saving action. i'm
    an er nurse bob, theory and practice are
    two different things.

    Collin Barber
    2005-11-03 09:13:24


    It's almost as if you're saying it's okay to use bad grammar as long as you get your point across.

    In the context of your original post that started this debate, it is incorrect to say ketosis. The acidosis is what causes the fruity breath"". Ketosis alone will not.

    Just a friendly response,


    levon machenry
    2005-11-03 10:05:11

    bob & lawrence,
    you're mirror images of each other. anybody out
    there got a muzzle?

    2005-11-03 11:21:37

    OK, with all due respect to Bob and Lawrence, the argument about ketosis has gone on long enough (and well past any relevance to haiku). I'm turning off comments here to give you all a chance to calm down. Peace.