deserted town ...
the freight train leaves behind
an empty whistle

—Keiko Izawa

First published in Haiku Harvest.

About the author: I started composing haiku last year inspired by the work of my American penpal. Ever since I have encountered and been impressed by so many beautiful English language haiku made by poets from all around the world. I feel very happy and honored to know as a Japanese this poem that originated in Japan is loved this much in the world.

Responses to the haiku for 17 November 2005 by Keiko Izawa

    David Fox
    2005-11-17 16:01:52

    No train arrives
    In the town, people waiting --
    Deafening silence.

    Vasile Moldovan
    2005-11-17 16:10:38

    From afar
    the echo of the whistle...
    then dead-like silence

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-11-17 16:13:07

    spring or fall
    song of this mockingbird, fills the air--
    leaves are falling

    ed markowski
    2005-11-18 07:55:37

    very well done!

    Eric Hayden
    2005-11-18 08:50:38

    The town still asleep;
    Maple leaves falling
    On the train tracks

    Vidur Jyoti
    2005-11-18 10:26:05

    desolate platform
    lonely scarecrow
    train speeding past

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-11-19 22:26:59

    wrong train
    the old women the last
    to walk away

    bobby michael richardson
    2006-02-17 17:19:00

    a drizzling of cool rain
    cross my face--
    the sun still shines