marsh at dawn
six white egrets
evenly spaced

—Margarita Engle

While walking in a wetlands park, I noticed that both fenceposts and egrets were motionless, and evenly spaced, claiming territory.

About the author: Margarita Engle (Englefam at is the author, most recently, of The Poet Slave of Cuba: A Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano (Henry Holt & Co., 2006). Word Wings (Elin Grace Publ.) is a collection of haiku and short poems for children.

She is also the author of two novels as well as shorter works selected for anthologies and literary journals in many countries, in several languages. She has won numerous literary awards.


Responses to the haiku for 16 June 2006 by Margarita Engle

    paul m.
    2006-06-16 10:00:54

    Such a quiet poem for a quiet time of day. What I enjoy is that the even spacing lets each thing be the focus, and I see the scene expand to encompass all things. It is a clean slate.

    Jason Sanford Brown (roadrunner_haiku at cox dot net)
    2006-06-16 22:21:51


    It's good to see you here, I love the implied structure of this, well done.

    2006-06-17 08:28:24

    I just love the image of your words...thank you

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-06-17 17:36:35

    ionic columns
    on the greek order--
    her chiseled marble legs

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2006-06-19 08:30:33

    city skylineó
    a flute arpeggio
    at sunset