whiteness drifting down--
a manhole cover
exhales sewer steam

—Matt Zambito

About the author: Matt Zambito, originally from Ransomville, New York, currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. His haiku and senryu have appeared in Frogpond, Snapshots, paper wasp, bottle rockets, and Modern Haiku. He is the drummer for Cropchecker.

Responses to the haiku for 29 November 2006 by Matt Zambito

    2006-11-29 05:21:01

    _Ahh... the "Contrary" ...well conceived_!
    _The fresh and new; the sour, morphs into the sweet. _M

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-11-29 20:32:38

    whiteness abound-
    even black galoshes
    make a white trail