early thaw
her hand brushes mine
under the quilt

—Vishnu P Kapoor

About the author: I am a retired Indian Air Force officer. Earlier I taught English Literature. I write poetry in Urdu language. I am a practising Buddhist. Being a widower at 65 years of age, I live with my married son and spinster daughter.

contact: vpk151042 at yahoo dot co dot in

Responses to the haiku for 9 January 2007 by Vishnu P Kapoor

    kala ramesh
    2007-01-09 02:37:26

    I'm cleaned bowled with your naive romaticism!!


    Bill Kenney
    2007-01-09 06:20:42

    Touching, indeed.

    our hands touch as evening
    claims the sky

    Judth Ingram (super dot ingram at verizon dot net)
    2007-01-09 10:55:47

    Hey, Vishnu! If you're a widower, who's hand is it under the quilt? Kala and Bill, you guys are pretty sharp, also.

    Winter moon
    your empty space
    cold as the night.


    2007-01-09 12:18:38

    empty blankets
    from dreams of her lost touch
    i awake


    norton reed
    2007-01-09 14:21:01

    this type of haiku has been written hundreds of times. please, let this be the last
    no offense intended

    Bill Kenney
    2007-01-09 18:05:37

    But, Norton, has it ever been done right?

    Anne Schmidt
    2007-01-09 19:32:47

    Judith, have you never heard of poetic license? Besides, a widower remember what sex and reconciliation are like.

    judith ingram (super dot ingram at verizon dot net)
    2007-01-09 22:23:21

    Norton, all things feed from something before. The seed is sown and takes on its own manfestation. I'm sure you've heard that there is nothing original under the sun. So, relax and enjoy. Judith

    kala ramesh
    2007-01-09 22:26:00

    Such thought provoking responses - all!
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading them!

    Magyar - Your haiku is just apt here!

    empty blankets
    from dreams of her lost touch
    i awake



    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-01-10 14:49:30

    norton, perchance this haiku has been written thousands of times, and tomorrow it may be written tens of thousands times. as life continues, and the stage is thought to change, simply enjoy, abhor, or ignore each encounter. your choice. the end of life's repetitions spells one's demise.

    an observation, no judgement...


    winter thoughts-
    pink cherry blossoms
    will they come, again

    Sandra Simpson
    2007-01-11 00:46:41

    I love the humour, and the kindness in this. It's very touching ... and very real.

    married twenty-two years
    this evening
    they watch trapeze artists
    - Sandra

    Magyar (magyar0109 at aol dot com)
    2007-01-11 07:33:56

    _I thank you for your kind thought... inre empty blankets; truely inspired by Vishnu's image.

    prado chekov
    2007-01-11 14:19:12

    storm clouds...
    the beauty
    of a stagnant pond

    norton's got a point. so does bob.

    visnu,a solid five.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-01-11 19:16:07

    happy new year prado,
    point counterpoint; my seemingly unappreciative comments cause some to think me the boar. and yet, when i feel there's something i've missed, my comments solicit, though not of an immoral nature, a response from (anyone) to enlighten me.

    only saying "good or bad", says nothing.


    breezy day snowflakes
    difficult to catch two alike--
    tune from the chimes

    prado chekov
    2007-01-12 07:44:25

    happy new year to you bob.
    good says plenty.
    a question though, why are people so
    comfortable with mediocrity?


    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-01-12 17:48:26

    prado, precisely-
    i've learned one has to accept the boo's along with the ahh's; 2nd thought, ah can mean like or dislike.

    i know of no one whose every effort rates rave reviews.


    i enjoyed vishnu's piece. one of my joys, the onset of a thawing moment; lets me know i'm alive.


    her feigned frown-
    a whipped cream smile
    on my morning pastry