skipping stones-
the stuttered marriage

—Terra Martin

About the author: Terra Martin, a practicing therapist in Toronto, has poetry in American Tanka, Asahi Shimbun (Japan), bottle rockets, Eucalypt (Australia), Lynx, Modern English Tanka, Moonset, Ribbons, Simply Haiku, 3 Lights Gallery (England), tinywords and many other journals. Her tanka may be read in the Landfall and Ash Moon anthologies.

Contact: note2terra at gmail dot com


Responses to the haiku for 15 June 2007 by Terra Martin

    Alan Summers
    2007-06-15 06:36:15

    The sibilance of the first line that moves faultlessly into the stuttered proposal of the second part of the haiku.

    There is more than a suggestion that the person has jumped a stage or two in a possibly rehearsed approach to 'popping the question'.

    He or she just gets out, albeit faultingly, the marriage proposal before they lose either their own nerve or their partner's patience!

    Felica Sah
    2007-06-15 09:39:31

    I had to read this five times... it was that good. Many different emotional levels captured in just three simple lines - just wonderful!

    Jeffrey Woodward
    2007-06-15 10:52:53

    The alliteration of stones & stuttered knits into the closest possible relation two distant human activities: the casual pastime of "skipping stones" and the overcoming of an impediment to a serious "proposal."

    The peculiar unity of a stone skimming the water's surface and a tongue tripping over words is very original. A remarkable haiku.

    Betty Kaplan
    2007-06-15 11:06:57

    This haiku is very visual. Just loved it.

    Bill Kenney
    2007-06-15 11:10:33

    Great moment, great jux, great marriage of sound and sense.


    Claudia Radmore
    2007-06-15 12:31:12

    This poem is especially wonderful for the 'spaces', both in the sound of stuttering, and the spaces, the air, between the times the stones touch water. It speaks of what is ephemeral in marriage, of the possibilities of both flying and falling in marriage, what is unknown, literally 'up in the air'. Sending the stone out over the water, hoping to make it skip as many times as possible...

    Barb Cooper
    2007-06-15 13:37:35

    Terra has captured so much in so few words. It resonates absolutely with my own experience when I was proposed to, and moves me to so many memories. Thank you Barb

    Colin Bardell
    2007-06-15 14:04:05

    the interrupted bounce of the stone before it sinks is symbolic I feel, with the hopes and feelings of the nervous marriage proposal

    judith Ingram (super dot ingram at verizon dot net)
    2007-06-15 14:13:44

    Terra, the nuances of this haiku resonate as would the skipping stones in the water.
    Thank you, it's marvelous.

    Helen Kay
    2007-06-15 17:39:27

    This is fantastic Terra - I loved the alliteration; skipping, stones, stuttered. Fantastic! Thanks from Helen

    Alexander Ask
    2007-06-15 18:21:47

    Haiku in sweet motion.

    Carolyn Russell
    2007-06-15 23:03:00

    Great poem. It sent a chill down my spine.

    2007-06-16 09:40:32

    As always, your words have so much Give.

    Stephanie Nassis
    2007-06-16 11:50:35

    This poem gives me butterflies and reminds me of the magical moment when my grade 5 school mate asked me to marry him.

    Dina E. Cox
    2007-06-17 05:32:51

    In Terra Martin's "skipping stones" the imagery is striking as is the comparison of skipping stones to a marriage proposal... or a marriage, the outcome so often based on... chance?

    The emphasis being on the marriage proposal, on human nervousness and uncertainty over nature, I believe this to be senryu, not haiku, a fresh perspective regardless of what one calls it.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-06-18 02:25:30

    one of those haiku the author thoughts would be appreciated, yet having to be explained should spoil the moment...

    reminded the other day how people are akin to snowflakes(in their differences was not my first conception); my response, "why do they think the same".


    in the window's
    flickering light--
    her silhouette, once more

    Suzie Molnar
    2007-06-18 08:48:11

    It reminded me so vividly of how my husband proposed to me. The stuttering and nervousness was part of this magical moment. Thanks for bringing back such a nice memory.

    Scott Hurtubise
    2007-06-18 10:37:34

    I cannot get the image of skipping steps out of my head, and the rippling effect that it has on every outcome.

    2007-06-19 09:16:05

    Loved your stays with me. The remembrance of the "sound" and the "sight" of skipping stones is so visceral. What an extraordinary poetic introduction to the subject of the poem. Thank you. M.

    Laura Collins
    2007-06-20 13:25:10

    The work of a wordsmith.

    Laura Lynn Harry
    2007-06-23 09:46:20

    I feel as though I've been transported to that very moment in Terra's words - I can hear the stones skipping the water like it is a heartbeat. Terra your writing is beautiful.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-06-23 18:40:30

    laura lynn harry, interesting parallelism to heartbeats. allow me to take it one step further; it's likeness to life.

    reminded of a brutally hot day, overexertion, hearing loud rapid heartbeats steadily declining one by one; an eye (opener) to say the least. thankful it wasn't true to form of the skipped stone; specially relating to that final skip(beat)...

    Marci Sier
    2007-06-29 13:59:10

    I can feel so much from your words Terra. They create a beautiful picture and they bring about the emotions that go along with them....

    Bruce Stephens
    2011-07-04 20:34:09

    The beauty of Terra's words are a shadow of her soul. She is a remakable poetess and a more beautiful being.