recent puddle - 
the white of clouds 
in the way

—Jordi Climent

This is the original version in spanish:

charco reciente -
el blanco de las nubes
en el camino

About the author: Jordi Climent, jclimentb at gmail dot com

Responses to the haiku for 4 February 2008 by Jordi Climent

    Alan Summers
    2008-02-04 08:32:25

    I'm a fan of puddle haiku, and felt this was a good fresh poem on the theme.

    josh wikoff
    2008-02-04 13:21:23

    nubes abren—
    la luna nos acompana
    charco a charco

    Creo que en el espanol, 'camino' nos ofrece mas posibilidades que 'way' en ingles. Buen trabajo, Jordi.

    Saludos desde California.

    Dana-Maria Onica
    2008-02-04 20:39:43

    Dear Jordi, I admire your poem. Thank you for sharing it. The words "recent" and "white" tell me that the rain (or storm) is over, what a relief, we can walk now, we can explore, and the clouds' reflection in the puddel brings me many feelings and suggestions at once: an upside down reality? I will step on the clouds? a fluffy puddel? :)

    Reason A.
    2008-02-06 19:09:59

    a "ku" so nice, but in S. Indiana

    puddles puddles
    everywhere I look
    even the dog sinks

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2008-02-11 14:45:31

    resounding winter rains
    throughout the forest--
    resounding summer croaks


    a recent trip to my home in georgia; feeling the bitter freezing rains of winter, i was surprised by the sounds of summer echoing from the nearby woods...

    Bernard Gieske
    2008-10-29 05:39:28

    I like the fact that you use the Spanish haiku as a source. I think we benefit when other languages are used. No two languages are alike in every way.

    Alan Summers
    2009-05-17 07:07:57

    Enjoyed revisiting this haiku!