blizzard --
the hero on the pedestal
thicker and thicker

—Jacek Margolak

About the author: Jacek Margolak was born in Rzeszˇw in 1964. He lives in Kielce (POLAND) with his wife and two sons. He works as a print technologist. He has been interested in haiku and haiga since 2000 and now he is a member of two poetic groups writing haiku - "Haiku po polsku" and "Orient", and his poems have been published on the internet at "The Heron's Nest", "Mainichi Daily News", "Haiku Harvest", "Asahi Haikuist Network", "Lishanu " and haiga at "World Haiku Association".

Email: jacek dot jaal at gmail dot com

Responses to the haiku for 19 February 2008 by Jacek Margolak

    mike farley
    2008-02-19 12:00:08

    very nice Jacek. I'll bet he's only thicker on one side.

    spring storm--
    new ice on one side
    of the fence posts

    2008-02-19 12:28:41

    Ha! Jacek, this gave me a chuckle. I can see how the statue would get thicker with layers of snow and ice, but it's the other sense of 'thicker' that gives this that layer of 'dry' humour. I wonder if you have an expression in Polish that's equivalent to the English 'thick as a brick'?


    2008-02-19 12:55:07

    I love this! The hero gets thicker in the blizzard...and his heroic features become obscured. Sublime and clever observation, Jacek. Thank you for this.

    Bill Kenney
    2008-02-19 15:07:45

    While agreeing with the other comments, I also find a note of pathos here. Once put on a pedestal, the hero is unable to adapt to changing conditions, e. g., to come in out of the snow. It's happened to the best of them. And the worst.

    josh wikoff
    2008-02-19 15:09:04

    statue of david
    the moyel pretends
    not to look


    I like your poem Jacek, literally and more so for the reason Lorin mentioned.

    2008-02-19 16:19:11

    Ah yes, the various meanings which can be attached to this...good work, Jacek!

    2008-02-19 16:52:30

    Yes, Nice! Enjoying the still form until:

    blurring snowfall
    the statue disappears

    Jacek M.
    2008-02-20 07:04:56

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2008-02-25 20:38:36

    winter crossroads--
    even the clouds travel
    in different directions