below freezing
only the stars
remain outside

—Peter Joseph Gloviczki

About the author: Peter Joseph Gloviczki lives and writes in Minnesota. His poems appear in Margie, Modern Haiku, Acorn, Poetry Midwest, Frogpond and elsewhere.

Responses to the haiku for 27 February 2008 by Peter Joseph Gloviczki

    H. Gene Murtha
    2008-02-27 05:27:40

    hello Peter,

    This is pointless since your haiku is now
    published: using word such as "only,"
    within a haiku is a pretty tall order. I
    did enjoy the thought though. Thanks.

    Reason A.
    2008-02-27 06:08:54

    Is this some kind of pun on movie stars?
    It seems they lack common sense but they do have fur coats and thick skins.

    Bill Kenney
    2008-02-27 07:15:24

    the stars
    are cold

    Magyar (magyar0109 at aol dot com)
    2008-02-27 07:32:20

    A change. . . here exists.

    cold stars
    seed a new dream
    this garden

    Melissa Spurr
    2008-02-27 08:56:21

    Wonderful, Peter.

    freezing stars
    the warmth of
    distant fires

    2008-02-27 10:26:30

    i love the stars. and i can feel the chill... there is a childlike quality in the visual seen which i like a lot...

    judith Ingram (super dot ingram at verizon dot net)
    2008-02-27 23:14:14

    The chill of your haiku envelopes me on this cold February night.

    Below freezing
    tonight, the stars
    wait for spring

    Jeffrey Winke (jeff_winke at yahoo dot com)
    2008-02-28 07:25:56

    Exquisite Peter. I like this one a lot,

    2008-02-28 17:06:04

    Certain views from a window, skylight or crack in the barn wood might show only stars, so what is wrong with the use of "only"? I like Peter"s hiaku "as is"!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2008-03-14 18:00:50

    her head down
    between the raindrops chill
    a velvet tear's warmth

    Bernard Gieske
    2008-10-22 05:58:13

    Below freezing makes sense because I know of places where it is so far below freezing nobody would want to be out. Colder yet without the moon. The stars at least point to a brighter side.

    2009-11-19 16:01:28


    "below freezing, once more
    the lake crossing
    stopping to look for a falling star
    even through the blizzard--
    heart's warming
    a longing for valentine's day
    seeing fogged breath rising and falling
    long past bed time...
    let alone a dinner bell
    borne on the howling winds
    the old setter snores
    one more step
    the top of the distant shore
    moon shining in this recent puddle-"