spring peepers
the other car in the lot
has its top down

—Michelle Sanders

I was the last to leave my office, really late and really exhausted. The only other car left outside made me smile and realize what a beautiful night it was.

About the author: Michelle Sanders, M.D.


Responses to the haiku for 28 March 2008 by Michelle Sanders

    2008-03-28 07:34:11

    wet t-shirt
    neighbors stare
    washing the car

    2008-03-28 09:14:35

    garden dampness
    on the convertible windshield
    peepers take a ride

    Helen Kinsella
    2008-03-28 12:43:30

    Michelle, What a beautiful Haiku! You have a
    strong poetic spirit to find beauty even
    when extremely fatigued. I imagine writing
    Haiku is a good release from what must be
    a sometimes exhausting but very rewarding
    work. Helen Kinsella

    Bill Zimmer
    2008-03-28 17:07:10

    Convertibles and changing of the seasons...I like it.

    Trees and signs flocked white
    While hard lakes thaw for Summer.
    Merging of seasons

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2008-03-29 20:12:21

    silent peepers
    spring stars in full bloom
    then comes the squeal


    doctor michelle, really really late here, and really exhausted from the flu; your haiku, causal and effecting a smile, in spite of this burning fever, reminded me of spring's arrival; even in the land of perennial sunshine...

    i must be healing, as the words again flow

    pg woodmore
    2008-03-31 15:46:38

    sentencing day
    the peeping tom's
    wandering eye

    2008-04-01 03:48:19

    - Current key
    I go on writting
    at the moon light

    - A few syllabes
    a thin haiku
    like a sword blade

    ayaz daryl nielsen
    2008-04-01 13:11:26

    'bout time we have some spring peepers, perhaps this poem will enhance their arrival

    Lesley Dewar
    2008-04-02 03:37:55

    Transit lounge.....
    Not a sound but spinning wheels.

    I have just returned to Perth, Western Australia from Las Vegas and Toronto. It's nice to be home, where it is autumn for us.

    2008-04-03 07:46:53

    spring peepers
    searching the internet
    there's a picture

    Reason A.
    2008-04-04 15:52:44

    let us move on:

    year round beepers
    cell phones wait for no one
    dis concert cut short

    Bernard Gieske
    2008-10-30 05:13:59

    You give a good example of the benefit of writing poems especially haiku: becoming more observant of our surroundings and happenings. We are cameras snapping that instant realization.