wasps nesting
over the front door –
autumn equinox




(British Haiku Society’s Members’ Anthology, 2018)

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    We are sometimes in awe but also, a little, out of fear, of these delightful creatures.

    wasps nesting
    over the front door –
    autumn equinox


    I remember walking through a wasp swarm, at a residential haiku event, and it was the only exit to leave after a fine weekend. Of course nothing happened, I'm just a human, a speck in the eye(s) of those magical creatures.

    Out of many wasp haiku I've written, and loved from others:

    wasp nest
    the boy in a corn field
    becomes a maze

    Alan Summers
    Right Hand Pointing (low sky issue ed. Eric Burke Issue 95, 2016)


    All Souls’ . . .
    a wasp returns?
    to the lintel

    Helen Buckingham
    The Heron’s Nest vol. VIII no. 1: March, 2006


    What a wonderful gift at a change of season. Thank for your wasp haiku!

    What color was your door painted, by the way? :-)

    warm regards,


  2. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Might seem obvious but, just for the record, there is no break between the last two lines (pedantic does happen to be my middle name!)

    All Souls'…
    a wasp returns
    to the lintel

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Sadly that's the effect of wordpress, as I typed it in correctly, and darn it, the edit option isn't there.

    And it took me ages to find the haiku. At first I thought it was by Martin Lucas, then David Cobb, and should have realised it was a "Helen Buckingham"! :-)

    Apologies for spacing, definitely not intended.


  4. Mary gunn Says:

    Alan, thanks for your comments. I didn't know that color mattered to wasps but the door was mahogany color. They nested under the white fascia board which was very close to the porch door. Thankfully, wasps never nest in the same place twice!

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    I guess color vibrates and what is more pleasing, attracts. :-)

    the sound dome of bees
    how many shades of color
    can a human see

    Alan Summers
    Mainichi Best of Haiku 2015 Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

  6. Marianne Paul Says:

    What a beautiful and apt image to pair with the autumn equinox. Perfect!


  7. Mary G Says:

    Marianne, glad you liked my seasonal haiku.

  8. Alan Summers Says:

    Yes! :-)

  9. Alan Summers Says:

    Certainly great to have a wonderful insect to start the season. I just donated (again) to fight the powers to be who are determined to eradicate wasps and bees. Fingers crossed!

  10. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Really enjoyed your ku, Mary – and it did bring back the one of mine that Alan has quoted – thanks for including it, Alan – I think my favourite 'wasp' ku of yours is still:

    an attic window sill
    a wasp curls
    into its own dust

    Alan Summers
    Woodpecker Special Issue, Extra Shuttle Issue, ISSN 1384-6094 (1997)

    I checked your website for the credits and there are way to many to cite here, so I've just given the earliest!

  11. Mary G Says:

    Thanks Helen. I'm glad you enjoyed this autumn haiku.

  12. Alan Summers Says:

    Ah, yes, my favourite credit is:
    Haiku of Merit: Ginko & Kukai event, London, England with Professor Hoshino Tsunehiko (1997).

    As Professor Hoshino Tsunehiko politely but adamantly defended every single word in that haiku about wasps and sills, which I will never forget, and helped me so much.

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