spreading coriander
the old man is told
his password

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    spreading coriander
    the old man is told
    his password


    My wife has to be careful about ingesting fresh coriander but of course it's an essential ingredient for many Asian dishes, and so as long as she knows it’s in the meal, we both eat it!

    I didn’t realise ‘spreading coriander’ is alledgely trending on Facebook as a hate thing though!
    Alledegly a Facebook Group is dedicated to spreading Coriander Hate with over a billion users. Perhaps a case of “Infox” or “fallacieuse”.

    Who knew a simple and common herb might engender such feelings!?

    The phrase is deeply poignant, where we have the adjective 'old' partly re-emphasised by the rhyme of 'old' and 'told' and the suggestion of forgetfulness or denied complete control over his passwords. And of course too much power in authority can result in abuse.

    The power of juxtaposition, and the abuse of power, or the degradation of memory, either way, powerful work.


    hot sweats
    memories of prawn curry
    aboard a minesweeper

    Alan Summers
    Kamesan's World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violations (2012) ed. Dimitar Anakiev (GINYU AWARD 2013)

  2. Garry Eaton Says:

    Would never have gotten this if not for Alan. A capital C. might have helped.

  3. magyar Says:

    Ken, Very nice_!
    __ For this thought that you've inspired, I thank you, and now, I'll step through that garden 's open gate. Smiles! _m

    cilantro leaves
    dancers in this gardens breeze
    an open gate

  4. Mojde Says:


    And thank you, Mr. Summers for the wonderful explanation …
    I leaned and learn a lot from your analysis and always look forward to reading you…
    to join…
    someone else
    will be deciding
    in your place

  5. MaryJo Says:

    Thank you Alan for the explanation. Understanding what is happening now makes it for me a very strong haiku.
    Thank you Ken as well for the haiku.

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  7. indonesiainmyhaiku Says:

    Really grateful for the support and encouragement.
    Greetings from Indonesia,

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