silver rain—
making the violets
more violet...

—Anthony Slauson

About the author: In my dreams I live in a place called Jewels-Run, Kentucky. I consider haiku to be an essential part of my spiritual diet.


Responses to the haiku for 29 May 2006 by Anthony Slauson

    Angelika Wienert
    2006-05-29 00:19:13

    this repetition of violet (violet/more violet) and the contrast to silver is very interesting

    i don`t need any punctuation in this ku

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-05-29 08:41:20

    brilliant sunset *

    bougainvillaea in bloom
    though redder

    2006-05-29 09:37:51

    I inhale--
    drunk with the scent of
    late blooming lilacs

    Dirk van Nouhuys (DHvN at wandd dot com)
    2006-05-29 12:16:13

    The colors suck
    more being out of

    2006-05-29 14:51:50

    I loved this haiku! I edit a print magazine, The Poet's Art. Visit my website ( for contact info if you are interested in submitting.
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

    Bill Kenney
    2006-05-29 16:47:29

    One from winter 2005:

    more green today—
    sun after snow

    sylvain moret
    2006-05-29 19:04:47

    good poem. i wonder though if the first line
    should be the third. works either way though.

    there's a town in northern kentucky named
    rabbit hatch. it's about 40 miles northeast
    of louisville. drank a bunch of beer on the
    steps of the general store, which composes
    the entirety of the town.

    our identical twins
    in reversible jackets...
    spring snow


    Collin Barber
    2006-05-29 23:04:13

    Hey Bill,

    I really like your haiku, what about this?...

    more green today-
    sunlit snow

    Just a thought, although it may be better left as is...I like it either way.


    2006-05-30 00:19:24

    Dearest Anthony,
    thanks for making me smile.
    I like them lines.

    I think you like violet.
    Whats the color just before (or after) violet called?

    the blue in the clouds -
    the color just before black.
    tells all about me

    Darleen Inman
    2006-05-30 08:26:52

    Hello Anthony,I enjoyed your poem.Not the usual 5/7/5 I was taught, but I liked the content.Nice job, Darleen

    Anthony Slauson
    2006-05-30 17:38:39

    Thanks for the positive responses to this haiku..the double dash was a mistake(possibly to much caffeine)It was supposed to be a single. Looking at it again, I have to agree with Angelika, that it would work without any punctuation at all. Again thanks for the responses and constructive critisism

    2006-05-31 08:51:51

    Anthony and all -- a double dash is a traditional substitute for an em dash, which is what properly belongs at the end of that line. I've changed the typography so it's correct now. I agree it would work with no punctuation, but I prefer it this way!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-02 07:36:39

    some may yet misunderstand the (&mdash)
    (em) being a variable measure of print type;
    type being letter size(ex. pica)

    &mdash, some understand to be the doubling in length/width of the dash(-)
    some say the dash being the width of the letter (m), capitalized.

    conceivably future keyboards will carry this symbol


    star on the horizon&mdash
    finding my way home
    in the dark