sudden downpour --
no one wins  
the wet-t-shirt contest

—David Giacalone

About the author: A former lawyer-mediator, David has been a Haiku Advocate at his popular weblog f/k/a since 2004, mixing "breathless" punditry aimed mostly at legal professionals with one-breath poetry by Honored Guest haijin. His own haiku and senryu can be found at f/k/a, in many journals, and at his dagosan's haiku diary. He lives along the Mohawk River in Schenectady, NY.

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Responses to the haiku for 12 August 2006 by David Giacalone

    Angelika Wienert
    2006-08-12 01:31:42

    i like the humor of this summer-haiku!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-08-13 02:49:42

    sudden downpour
    ending just as suddenly--
    the lingering thunder

    Alistair McBride
    2006-08-13 12:35:34

    My wife's comment - isn't that "everyone wins"?

    2006-08-14 21:07:24

    Thanks for the comments. Alistair, your wife is clearly an optimist. In the real world, many may be entered in the wet-t-shirt contest, but very few are chosen.

    2009-08-10 06:09:07

    morning downpour--
    swatting horde of blood gorged black mosquitoes