down the path
i n b e t w e e n t r e e s
the mango moon

—Kala Ramesh

Hanging mangoes - Indian summer

About the author: Kala Ramesh is a performing vocalist in Indian Classical music. Coming from an extremely artistic and culturally rich South Indian family, Kala believes -- as her father is fond of saying -- that "the soil has to be fertile for the plant to bloom" and feels that she owes this poetic streak in her to her mother. A proud mother of two young adults, Kala lives with her husband in Pune, India.

Responses to the haiku for 13 September 2006 by Kala Ramesh

    2006-09-13 06:56:15

    I love that mango moon!

    Georgia Kornbluth
    2006-09-13 10:03:20

    love the form
    the innovation
    the implications
    the mood
    the evocations
    the doubleness
    the wholeness

    2006-09-13 12:04:29

    This is a beautiful haiku, Kala!

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2006-09-13 12:18:06

    outstanding, Kala ... creativity that's comfortable within the traditional and sets your poem way above the expected

    FrancesRuth Harris
    2006-09-13 14:48:39

    Wow! And in Hallock, Minnesota, we just
    recently had one of the biggest, most
    wonderful moons ever! Thank you!

    Gerald Hodge
    2006-09-13 14:56:56

    AWESOME! as the kids say

    Angelika Wienert
    2006-09-13 15:01:11

    i enjoy to read this haiku! i enjoy it again and again!

    judith Ingram (super dot ingram at verizon dot net)
    2006-09-13 15:42:27

    Oh, Kala! This is sooooo good! Thank you. Judith

    Sue Stanford
    2006-09-14 00:39:05

    a lovely warm haiku full of the scent and feeling of a happy evening, with just enough surprise in the air

    Kala Ramesh
    2006-09-14 00:49:47

    I warmly thank each and everyone of you for you most encouraging comments.

    I am deeply touched.

    Vidur Jyoti
    2006-09-14 10:17:40

    path drowns
    lurking shadows
    smiling moon

    b. m. richardson
    2006-09-14 16:54:51

    white mango tree
    from the Buddha
    my enlightenment

    dribbling down my chin-
    in-between bites, this golden lotus

    raised by fingers of the wind
    waters in deep canals flow...*

    this night
    quench my thirst
    the mango moon


    i love your "i n b e t w e e n t r e e s"

    Kala Ramesh
    2006-09-14 19:08:19

    Thanks Vidur for your 'smiling'response.

    Your response is great.

    This haiku was written more from my memory, as kids we have run around mango groves and peeped at the moon from various places in glee.
    I wanted to convey that joy of discovery?

    Haha! I thought I had invented the kigo word- "mango moon"
    One's ego keeps playing tricks?!!

    2009-10-01 18:18:41

    cool season/inbetweentrees/green avocados


    harvest moon
    in silence--
    mango moon