wetland chill
a patch of ripples disappears

—Martin Gottlieb Cohen

About the author: Martin Cohen was born in the South Bronx somewhere on Simpson Street, went to a Yeshiva on East Broadway and Canal Street, and then lived in the South of Brooklyn, the South of Long Island, The Southern Tier of Upstate New York, The South of Manhattan, and finally South Jersey in Egg Harbor.

Martin's e-mail address: martin1223 at comcast dot net

Martin also has a weblog.

Responses to the haiku for 16 November 2006 by Martin Gottlieb Cohen

    mike farley
    2006-11-16 12:15:26

    Excellent Martin. So subtle, so full of nothing but nature, so absent a human presence. Your images are fresh, new, interesting and not overworn. What a pleasure. Thank you.

    2006-11-17 13:18:03

    I've been enjoying the poetic & philosophical musings this haiku & response arouse: Is the human presence not strongly implied? Are there indeed ripples if there's no [human] eye to see them? (I think yes is the answer in both instances.)

    Really nice haiku, either way.

    Alan Summers
    2006-11-18 09:10:11

    I really liked this one too.

    Sometimes it's just nice to have a really quiet haiku, and this is beyond mere snapshot haiku.

    I can imagine a living breathing framed image on my wall of my mind when I want to be quiet.

    Thank you for that.

    b. m. richardson
    2006-11-19 22:51:41

    georgia, your response relates to the query, "should a tree fall in the woods with no one around, does it make a sound."; i've added a personal paradox, "should tomorrow come, having left me behind, will all i know continue to be (real)."

    georgia, ¿games of the mind? the things we see and hear are they really as we've been (taught) they are.

    georgia, my late night humor...