cricket's song
the smell of magnolias
in the night sky

—Martin Gottlieb Cohen

About the author: Martin Cohen was born in the South Bronx somewhere on Simpson Street, went to a Yeshiva on East Broadway and Canal Street, and then lived in the South of Brooklyn, the South of Long Island, The Southern Tier of Upstate New York, The South of Manhattan, and finally South Jersey in Egg Harbor.

Martin's e-mail address: martin1223 at comcast dot net

Martin also has a weblog.


Responses to the haiku for 24 May 2007 by Martin Gottlieb Cohen

    Alan Summers
    2007-05-24 06:16:14

    I always enjoy a cricket song haiku.

    Very atmospheric.

    David Fox (davidirafox at yahoo dot com)
    2007-05-24 15:08:06

    Although this is the first time (I think) I've commented on one of your haiku, I'm a big fan. I have one about crickets (or maybe it's cicadas) also. If you e-mail me back, I'll try to find it for you...
    Your #1 fan,
    David Fox

    2007-05-24 21:44:40

    Hi Martin,
    I enjoyed this, even though I'm too far north
    for magnolias...but I can imagine the scent!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-05-25 18:13:21

    final brush of golden pollen--
    green peach appears
    so tiny