running of the bulls
the stoplight flashes

—Sue Burke

Pamplona. Not the only running of the bulls in Spain, but the most famous, and they block off the streets to run through the heart of downtown.

This year, the bulls will be running in Pamplona, Spain, every morning at 8 a.m. from July 5 to 14. It will be covered live on television and the video will be available on several Internet sites.

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Responses to the haiku for 9 July 2007 by Sue Burke

    2007-07-09 01:08:00

    Loved this one.

    Reports on the Running of the Bulls in TV newscasts always focus on the rushing crowds, or the angry and confused bulls. I liked how this haiku focused on a more mundane element.

    2007-07-09 10:43:11

    Good to see this on tinywords! Good haiku.

    2007-07-09 12:41:58

    The seepings of Spain's history // mixed with the modern(?). A well written surprise... step out of the way! _M

    2007-07-09 14:09:17

    Muy buen haiku, amiga Sue

    Felica Sah
    2007-07-09 16:38:35

    At first I didn't understand this haiku but the more I thought about the contrast of the past and the modern world today (technology) the more this made complete sense. I think this haiku is clever and bright and it requires a bit of serious thought, which is all remarkable for such a short piece of work. Bravo!

    Sue Burke
    2007-07-10 08:14:25

    Thank you. The mix of old and new but mundane here in Spain always fascinates me -- parking meters in front of a castle, a recipe for a dish that appeared in Don Quijote with microwave instructions -- and I'm glad I could share a glimpse of that with you.

    2007-07-10 08:19:29

    Loved the haiku, Sue! In Vancouver, BC cars often speed up to make it through the intersection before the light changes to red.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-07-14 04:42:36

    andrea, i see more and more cars, worldwide, speeding through intersections after their light has turned red. the caution light(yellow) has lost it's meaning; prepare to stop. these days it gives rise to proceed with a burst of speed; pedestrians and other cars be damn


    burst of speed--
    ensuing horrific accident
    surpassed by the silence