scattered stars--
the mist between us
tastes of pine

—Peggy Lyles

from The Haiku North America Anthology, 2003.

About the author: Peggy Lyles is an Associate Editor of The Heron's Nest. Her most recent book is To Hear the Rain, Brooks Books 2002.

Contact: plyles at


Responses to the haiku for 19 July 2007 by Peggy Lyles

    2007-07-19 00:42:06

    It's always a delight a good haiku that invokes a sense other than sight.

    I enjoyed this tasty haiku.

    kala ramesh
    2007-07-19 00:53:09

    Hi Peggy,

    How snugly these three lines sit together, resonating between them and in me!

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem.


    Alan Summers
    2007-07-19 05:54:45

    I absolutely concur with kala and gK.

    This is a beautifully evocative haiku with gorgeous allusions.

    A masterclass in what a fine haiku is, and it will continue to resonate with each re-reading.

    Felica Sah
    2007-07-19 08:46:19

    Just a wonderful haiku of the highest quality - absolutely beautiful. I can visualize the scene and it is delightful. Bravo!!!

    2007-07-19 11:52:02

    this haiku is really good. gives a feel of the atmosphere that we readers can imagine and relate to. thank you very much Peggy.

    Ellen Compton
    2007-07-19 12:57:46

    A lovely poem, a sensitive blending of sensual images. I shall enjoy it many times over.

    Megan Arkenberg (markenberg at yahoo dot com)
    2007-07-19 14:21:13

    An absolutely beautiful haiku, very evocative. This is one I will enjoy rereading.

    Robbie Gamble
    2007-07-19 17:04:01

    So many layers that unfold differently on successive readings. The bitterfresh taste of pine is particularly evocative.

    Samantha Forest
    2007-07-19 18:21:36

    scent of piney woods
    a summer bonfire
    reaching for the stars

    2007-07-19 19:55:18

    This brings a smile and a sigh, Peggy...
    it's amazing how I can smell and taste the pine!
    Then my thoughts go back and forth between
    the pines and the stars, pausing to enjoy
    the moment of sharing -- "us" is what
    grounds it for me.

    I even find myself wondering how far
    out the mist reaches...

    2007-07-19 19:56:12

    A beautiful haiku. Each of several savorings offered something else to enjoy. Thank you!

    2007-07-19 21:36:24

    Warm thanks for the kind comments--and to tiny words for bridging the space between us!

    Dirk (DHvN at wandd dot com)
    2007-07-20 01:00:25

    wonderful blending of senses

    Alan Summers
    2007-07-23 01:53:39

    I really really hope we see more of your work on Tinywords!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-07-27 19:25:43

    peggy, a delightful ku, though i wonder how many have tasted pine, even a drop of turpentine on a cube of sugar; or eaten a roasted pine nut. burning pine returns me to my childhood days on many chilly autumn mornings; long after the morn had passed, the aroma of burnt pine permeated our clothings.


    green pine smoke
    from the flames
    through the morning mist--