the visible pulse
of a baby's soft spot . . . 
wren answering wren 

—Ferris Gilli

About the author: Ferris Gilli lives in North Georgia. Her work in haiku and related forms has won numerous awards. Ms. Gilli is an Associate Editor of the quarterly journal The Heron's Nest.

Contact: treefrog dot house at comcast dot net

Responses to the haiku for 11 September 2007 by Ferris Gilli

    2007-09-11 09:09:07

    Very interesting.

    Dana-Maria Onica
    2007-09-11 09:15:12

    I admire very much your poem, the subtle juxtaposition between the inaudible, fragile but tenacious pulse of the baby's fontanel and the call of the wren, not chirps but harsh sounds.
    Thank you.

    josh wikoff
    2007-09-11 10:41:33

    lovely, ferris!

    this one touched my soft spot...

    welcome to tinywords

    2007-09-11 10:59:54

    So sweet. (And wonder-filled to be reminded of such tenderness on this 7th anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attack here in New York city.)

    2007-09-11 19:54:22

    Ferris, how nice to see you here!
    And a lovely example of the juxtaposition
    you do so well.
    I get a feeling that the wrens might be sharing
    the joy of this new life...perhaps awaiting their
    own arrivals. I even glimpse the pulse of a wren's
    throat as it sings...

    2007-09-12 07:06:19

    _Some words I dislike due to their over use, but of YOUR heartful lines -symbiosis- overcame my aversion. _Of many things... we do not know.

    wren answers wren
    in rhythm with the heart
    a message

    2007-09-14 03:37:14

    Very effective juxtaposition, and I love the softness of "wren to wren" in camparison to its harsh call.

    I hope we can see more of your work on tinywords! ;-)

    Lorin Ford
    2007-09-17 16:50:32

    Hi Ferris...Very nicely done! The fontanelle spot pulse 'answered' by the very pulse of life... represented by 'wren answering wren'.

    I admire the way the particularities here guide me to something mysterious and essential about the continuity of life itself, which underlies all its forms.


    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-09-21 08:14:58

    night chill
    covering my fontanel--
    a mockingbird warbles