ocean sundown--
a child jumping up
for one last look

—Barry George

About the author: Barry George is a regular contributor to the leading English-language haiku journals. His work has appeared in German, French, Romanian, and Japanese translations; in A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (United States), and The New Haiku (United Kingdom); and in numerous annual Red Moon Anthologies. He has been a winner in the Gerald Brady, Betty Drevniok, Mainichi Daily News, and Kaji Aso Studio contests, as well as a Poetry Finalist for the Pew Fellowships in the Arts. A featured poet at the 2007 Robert Frost Poetry Festival in Key West, Florida, he lives in Philadelphia.

Responses to the haiku for 12 September 2007 by Barry George

    Elphine Leduvet
    2007-09-12 05:54:13

    simply one good look
    at the big ocean
    makes me small again

    josh wikoff
    2007-09-12 10:37:43

    ocean sundown--
    a child jumping up
    for one last look

    vivid image and a humorous look at "childish" behavior...

    nice assonance with ocean/for/one

    wisps of fog
    cover the morning moon
    beached jellyfish

    2007-09-12 12:14:58

    Barry, I liked this one so much I had to immediately share it with my weblog visitors. Made me smile.

    2007-09-12 18:34:33

    Such an evocative mood and scene. Wonderful. Thank you for the delightful image. Such fun.

    Matt Robison
    2007-09-12 18:44:53

    Barry, Thanks for the great image. You helped me remember a long summer I spent painting cottages along Lake Erie....

    look over the lake
    and walk backwards up the roof
    watch the islands rise

    Alan Summers
    2007-09-13 02:47:38

    Simple and evocative, and well worth re-visiting for reading again.

    2007-09-13 03:28:03

    after the cloudburst
    exploring their universe
    kids jump in the mud

    (nice one Matt)

    2007-09-13 10:31:37

    Thanks for this. Beautiful and simple.

    Terra Martin
    2007-09-13 12:20:34

    Barry, a wonderful haiku. Takes me back to all the childhood memories regarding water. Thank you.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-09-21 08:32:38

    bayou twilight--
    through the eucalyptus
    bullfrog croaks

    vineeth (monkeymetagalaxy at yahoo dot com)
    2007-09-25 21:53:17

    hello barry,
    this one is exceptional. i just love the imagery of it. you are simply great.