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understanding through haiku:
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tinywords.com will be observing World Poetry Day and commemorating the first day of Spring on March 21, 2003, with a global, wireless, open-mike haiku event. You're invited!

News flash! Come to Yerba Buena today and get free haiku postcards. And, if you're lucky, maybe even a tinywords T-shirt!

All human beings throughout the world are invited to send their haiku to tinywords.com on Friday, March 21 at 12 noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern / 20:00 GMT). These haiku

"Haiku is a uniquely democratic art form," says tinywords.com's publisher and chief haikuvangelist D. F. Tweney. "Anyone can write one, they're easy to read and understand, and yet they have tremendous power to convey awareness and understanding. This event will use the latest wireless technologies to bring the power and beauty of haiku to people around the world."

"In a time of war, it's my hope that this international event will help, in some small way, to promote global understanding," Tweney added.

There are four ways to participate:

More information on World Poetry Day.

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Subscribe to the tinywords.com World Poetry Day mailing list using this form. We'll use this list to send out one or two informational messages before the event. Then, on March 21, we'll send all contributed haiku, one per message, to the list. After March 21 the list will be retired.

Privacy policy: We will never share your email address or other personal information with any third party.

Spam policy: We try to send haiku only where it is wanted. If you no longer wish to receive our email or believe you have been mistakenly added to our mailing list, please contact us at dft at tinywords dot com.

Details on the San Francisco event:

Where: Yerba Buena Gardens, second level (above the Martin Luther King Jr. fountain), in front of the Starbuck's. This is the park in front of the Metreon. It's easily accessible by public transit and there's lots of parking at the 5th and Mission Garage.

When: 12 noon Pacific time.

What: Bring your haiku to read. If you've got a WiFi-enabled laptop, bring that too. The Starbuck's has T-Mobile service, which you have to pay to use, but the signal's pretty good in front of the coffee shop.

Cost: Free!

RSVP: Not at all required, but if you think you'll attend, please send an email to d. f. tweney: dft at tinywords dot com. That way we can estimate how many people will be there.

About tinywords.com

tinywords' purpose:
humanize technology,
spread haiku worldwide.

tinywords.com (http://tinywords.com) was founded in November 2000 by D. F. Tweney to deliver haiku to wireless devices and Internet email addresses. Haiku are short poems in 17 syllables or less, and most tinywords messages are under 100 characters long -- making them ideally suited to delivery on mobile devices. As of February 2003, tinywords.com has more than 2,000 subscribers in a wide variety of countries, representing every continent on Earth except Antarctica.

Contact: Publisher/chief haikuvangelist d. f. tweney, dft at tinywords dot com.

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