damselfly wings
the slant of the sunlight
between leaves

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  1. Garry Eaton Says:

    This is nice, but the preference for only simple nature haiku is growing a little tedious. Hope the editor plans to mix it up a little.

  2. Kathe L. Palka Says:

    sheen of dragonflies
    in the rainbowed arc
    of the sprinkler

    (First published in paper wasp, spring 2008)

  3. harrisfr Says:

    What intimate happiness! Thank you!

  4. @MerrillGonzales Says:

    swirling brightness
    the brook carries away
    the sun

  5. snakypoet Says:

    Oh, how beautiful!

  6. Robert Quiggle Says:

    autumn shadows
    sharp on the sunny

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    A gently naturistic poem.

    café orquídea …
    the soft shuffle of shoes
    round dragon trees

    Alan Summers

    Publications credits: Blithe Spirit vol. 14 No. 2 (2004)

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