Print editions

tinywords is published daily, but our daily poems are grouped into three or four issues per year.

Selected issues are available in print form, and I put a lot of care into the design and layout of these print issues. With just one poem per page, they echo the experience of reading tinywords online. I am quite proud of the results and think you will enjoy reading them this way also.

The three issues in 2010 are available in print and as e-books. If there’s enough interest, we’ll publish future issues as print editions as well.

cover of tinywords 10.3
tinywords issue 10.3
?(Fall/Winter, 2010)
66pp, paperback, $10.
Also available as a?free e-book?on Scribd.


cover of tinywords 10.2
tinywords issue 10.2
?(Summer, 2010)
60pp, paperback, $10.
Also available as a?free e-book.


cover of tinywords issue 10.1
tinywords issue 10.1
?(Spring 2010)
37pp, paperback. $9.
Also available as a?free e-book.

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    […] Although tinywords is published daily, they also group the poems into issues of 50 or so poems, as free ebooks and they make some of these available as printed books, for purchase too. (See  tinywords in print for more about the print editions.). […]