Print editions

tinywords is published daily, but our daily poems are grouped into three or four issues per year.

Selected issues are available in print form, and I put a lot of care into the design and layout of these print issues. With just one poem per page, they echo the experience of reading tinywords online. I am quite proud of the results and think you will enjoy reading them this way also.

The three issues in 2010 are available in print and as e-books. If there’s enough interest, we’ll publish future issues as print editions as well.

cover of tinywords 10.3
tinywords issue 10.3
?(Fall/Winter, 2010)
66pp, paperback, $10.
Also available as a?free e-book?on Scribd.


cover of tinywords 10.2
tinywords issue 10.2
?(Summer, 2010)
60pp, paperback, $10.
Also available as a?free e-book.


cover of tinywords issue 10.1
tinywords issue 10.1
?(Spring 2010)
37pp, paperback. $9.
Also available as a?free e-book.

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