The overwhelming generosity of our readers covered our annual Web hosting fees for several years, and also helped pay for some much-needed adjustments to our mailing list program in 2007. To all who donated money, THANK YOU.

At this point, we do not need financial support. We’re all good!

The following people have generously supported tinywords with a donation of $1 or more:

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Ken Morris
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Dean Lawrence
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Christine Rundblad
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Cindy Tebo
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N Kalyanasundaram
Vivian Lesley Dewar
Elena Naskova
Brett Brady
River Malcolm
Terra Martin
Carol M Parkes
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Mike Montreuil
You Mon Tsang
Sheyna E. Gifford
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Suzanne Raymer
Joe Gatto
Scott Richardson
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Terrie Leigh Relf
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Silenced Press
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