Welcome to tinywords 19.1

We begin our 19th year with an international crop of daily poems that will take us deep into the dog days of summer here in the northern hemisphere. For this issue’s background image we share this other-worldly photo of the ArtScience Museum on the island city-state of Singapore. We think this strikingly spare architecture reflects the similar qualities for a successful small poem.

Congratulations to Carole MacRury and Ellen Grace Olinger who jump-start the issue with their winning poems inspired by Jay Sterling Austin’s “Marigny Vernacular.” Their poems are featured below.

Thanks to tinywords Assistant Editors Polona Oblak, Ruth Holzer and Brad Bennett for their thoughtful reading. Also to founding editor Dylan Tweney who continues to be an integral part of the tinywords editorial team.

Here is to another year of hope and love and thanks — all tiny words that inspire many of the fine poets that follow.


Kathe L. Palka
Peter Newton
Editors, tinywords



from the house
with three red doors 
. . . jazz riffs
          ~ Carole MacRury


Wisconsin winter 
I add a few more colors
to a blog post     
          ~ Ellen Grace Olinger