Writing prompt for tinywords 15.2

"Firmament," by Michele Harvey:  http://micheleharvey.com/%28medium%29_available.html#2

As we assemble the new issue of tinywords, 15.2, we hope you’ll look up and be inspired by Michele L. Harvey’s airy vision of summer, “Firmament.” The photographic image of Michele’s painting appears here with the artist’s kind permission. It’s nothing but blue skies, green pastures and quite a display of clouds. Just the stuff to bring out a poem or two.

Add your best efforts in the comment box below. We’ll include the stand-out poem or poems in the up-coming issue of tinywords 15.2 that will go online in early September.

About the artist:
More of Michele L. Harvey’s fine art and poetry can be enjoyed at her website, micheleharvey.com.