the touch before we part mimosa leaf


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  1. Padma Says:


  2. janewilliams Says:

    a whispered promise to meet again summer breeze

  3. magyar Says:

    Jane, yours a fine complement to Sreelatha's nifty one-liner. _m

  4. Samar Ghose Says:

    Rhythmic too!

  5. magyar Says:

    __ Grand emotional vibrations here Shreelatha, thoughts that can be envisioned in many ways: soul to soul; soul to nature; nature to nature; the seen to the subliminal. _m

  6. Geethanjali Rajan Says:

    So much left unsaid. Beautiful!

  7. Jean LeBlanc Says:

    This is beautiful, and it makes me think of its mirror image(ish):
    the part before we touch mimosa leaf

  8. Peter Newton Says:

    I like that flip as well!

  9. Geetha C Says:

    Sweet poem with touch me not-mimosa leaf Latha !

  10. Kala Ramesh Says:

    What a lovely one-line, Sreelatha.
    Like Geethanjali has said, there's so much unsaid here … each word lending itself to fthe flow.

  11. Vidya Venkatramani Says:

    a beauty of a one-liner!

  12. GenNov Says:

    the touch before we part snowflakes!!

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