blue light
from the laptop’s screen–
a break in the clouds

tinywords will be returning to life on December 1, after a 16-month hiatus. There will be some changes: First of all, we’ll focus on micropoetry (very short poems) of all kinds as well as haiku.

Second, we’ll be publishing in issues. Each issue will published gradually, one poem per day, but there may be gaps between the end of one issue and the beginning of the next, during which we won’t be publishing anything.

I hope you’ll join us for the new phase of tinywords. To subscribe or unsubscribe to our daily email list, click on the subscriptions link on the left side of this page.

And if you’d like to submit to tinywords, we’ll be accepting micropoetry submissions until November 24.

Note: This haiku was previously published in tinywords on 14 April 2006.

33 Responses

  1. gK Says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Dave Says:

    Nice! Your Twitter link yields a 404, though.

  3. Dylan Tweney Says:

    Thanks Dave. I think the Twitter link is borked because I keep unpublishing & republishing this haiku while I test the auto-tweet and auto-email system, and I've probably changed the permalink. Should be cleared up once we're really rolling.

  4. marygryff Says:

    SO glad to have you back – my life just got better!

  5. helenkinsella Says:

    So glad you have come back and hope all goes well

  6. Norman Darlington Says:

    Wonderful news, Dylan!

  7. vasilemoldovan Says:

    Wonderfully! It is a great joy for me and my haiku friends.

  8. shirleyweese Says:

    Oh I am soooo happy!!! All the best!

  9. gabigreve Says:

    Welcome back !
    All the best from Japan.

    Gabi from Japan
    World Kigo Database

  10. Darrell Byrd Says:

    Welcome back Tinywords . Good to see ya'll again.


  11. syllable?17 Says:

    good luck new succinct – pixel window gazebos – glint in endlessness

  12. lughnasa Says:

    This a welcomed return!

  13. Laura Orabone Says:

    Welcome back, Dylan! So glad to see you in my inbox again. :)

  14. Nora Says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see tinywords back in my mailbox again! I missed you!

  15. carole dwinell Says:

    I wondered what happened. But then I was sort of disconnected myself. Look forward to the “fresh” words

  16. alansummers Says:

    Glad to see so many familiar names, and a few new ones too! Can't wait until December 1st! ;-)


  17. tim bowman Says:

    Yay! Welcome back!

  18. Virginia Says:

    So happy to hear from you.

  19. Terra Says:

    Great to have you back Dylan!

  20. Michael T. Says:

    Fantastic to have you back!

  21. Ellen Olinger Says:

    Yes, good news! Thanks, Dylan. And I love your term, “micropoetry.”

  22. katknapp Says:

    Tiny words, a happy way to start my day! Thanks foir returning. You have been missed.

  23. Dylan Tweney Says:

    Thanks Ellen! Re “micropoetry” — it's not my term, it's a term that's in general use for very short poems that are suitable for publishing on sites like Twitter and Usually that means <140 characters … though I'm not sure I'll be so strict here. We'll see!

    There are other good micropoetry sites — for instance, see Open MIcro.

  24. Tracy Koretsky Says:


  25. mehmet Says:

    long time no see. welcome back.

  26. Damien Says:

    One of the best news of the week !

    All my best from France

  27. Ay Conn Says:

    I missed you!

  28. ebethmills Says:

    hot cup of coffee
    new haiku to start my day
    thrilled to have you back

  29. hibou Says:

    breath of fresh air
    choked the inbox aches
    tinywords return

  30. magyar Says:

    Return… to the new. _m

  31. Dylan Tweney Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Dawn. As I mentioned in an email response to you, I'd like all the submissions to be made via the web form. But if anyone has trouble with the form, drop me a line and I'll see if I can help fix it.

  32. Stewart Kinner Says:

    I too am glad you are back!

  33. joanmcnerney Says:

    Think this is a really great idea. Good luck!

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