in one breath the whole autumn

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  1. peterhpache Says:

    Excellent, thank you. The use of senses (time, smell and even taste) of a season in a breath is well done —

  2. Norman Says:

    Love it!

  3. Greg Schwartz Says:

    very nice… captures the haiku moment.

  4. columbusmatt Says:


  5. valeria simonova-cecon Says:

    Greg, columbusmatt, thank you vey much :)

  6. marlene mountain Says:

    thank you. and for the one-line of it. marlene

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    Hi Valeria,

    I love this one liner, it's succinct and it should trigger off powerful images and experiences in a good way.


  8. Claudette Russell Says:

    I love the simplicity and complexity all in one! Great poem

  9. Kathabela Wilson Says:

    yes, it is all in one deep breath, this poem, as if together, we enter the forest alive with autumn.

  10. je vincent Says:

    hard to respond to something so lovely in its brevity without great brevity, but I don't just want to write that I love this–it's sensory exactness is enviable. bravo.

  11. valeria simonova-cecon Says:

    I'm moved by your kind words, thank you very much.

  12. Michelle Says:


  13. Michelle Says:


  14. Michelle Says:


  15. @Roman_Ly Says:

    This is one of the poems that show the beautifulness of the genre – so much said in just a few words…. Thanks for sharing this one :))

  16. martin1223 Says:

    It's magical!

  17. Friv 10 Says:


  18. StainlessSteelFlange Says:

    Indeed very nice…:)

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