early light
my dream drifts out
the open window

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  1. Benjamin @ Short Zen Poems Says:

    I like this one. It draws attention to the shift between sleep and wake. Ramana Maharshi in particular speaks about the value of comparing the sleeping state to the waking state. The purity that becomes infiltrated by all the mind stuff that pours in when our dreams leave us and the day to day creeps in.

    I also write very short poetry. Please feel free to check it out at Short Zen Poems – Koans Quotes Parables

  2. charlie rossiter Says:

    There’s a nice ethereal quality to this one and a consistency of light and openness.

  3. genie Says:

    I’m saving this one in my haiku folder.

  4. cheryl Says:

    Mmmmm, I like this. Not wanting to wake from a wonderful dream, darn the light.

  5. Mary Says:

    Very evocative. Well done.

  6. Kathabela Wilson Says:

    I do love the early morning feeling between sleep and wake… dream mixes with waking sights and feelings and it is almost as if the dream embodied floats out the window… this haiku says it best! I should keep quiet and watch!

  7. Donna Fleischer Says:

    Thank you for letting your dream go,
    become poem, join
    the world outside, in a dream

    Like this poem so much
    don’t want to let it go
    as it floats by

    nothing to do
    but let go,

  8. Ian McLoughlin Says:

    Loved this; read it after returning from a weekend Dream Therapy course !

  9. Audra Mcmann Says:

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