deep snow —
I put my feet
in your footsteps

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  1. syllable?17 Says:

    If you have a dog, why bark yourself, I always say, Gosia Zamorska! A defining moment haiku.

  2. Andrea Says:

    well done! I really enjoyed it!

  3. syllable?17 Says:

    good dog

    on thin ice
    just one

  4. Gosia Zamorska Says:

    Where can I get Your haiku, syllabe’17?

  5. syllable?17 Says:

    I ask that same question, Gosia Zamorska, and this daily!


    winter lake
    only my eyes
    disturb the view

    ? s?17

  6. Aminanimator Says:

    I put my poor Congratulations under Your Trail in Tinywords. I was a trip about.
    Poza tym, polskim akcentem: pozdrawiam.

  7. Rhoda Galgiani Says:

    winter ice –
    etches your footstep
    until spring

    Beautiful poetry Gosia…

  8. Gosia Zamorska Says:

    I remember You, John.

  9. Gosia Zamorska Says:

    Thanks, Andrea and Rhoda.

  10. Merrill Ann Gonzales Says:

    Funny, I think of putting my feet in my Father’s footsteps…

  11. Sublee Knapp Says:

    My husband always broke trail. Your words remind me of one the many ways I miss him.

  12. syllable?17 Says:


    spring lake
    only my song
    disturbs the wind

  13. Alison Hedlund Says:

    This poem is one that keeps unfolding. Just wonderful!

  14. Christopher Leibow Says:

    Bravo! I am there with you,

  15. @Aminanimator Says:


  16. martin1223 Says:

    It's lovely

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