I pause to watch
the moon riding the clouds
the boy tugs my hand

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  1. barry spacks Says:

    This is sabi/wabi at its most forceful: the father
    has reached the age of observation, he pauses
    for the deep act of moon-watching. The boy,
    like all boys, is impatient and wants to move
    along. All of life process here, as in the best haiku.

  2. Bob Brill Says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful commentary. Your are right on with your interpretation.

  3. RomanL Says:

    Very visual; picture instantly came to my mind… Thanks for sharing!

  4. Karen Harvey Says:

    a moment captured in so few words yet so real and moving

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  13. Anonpharma Says:

    I delay to observe

    the moon riding the mists

    the kid pulls my hand

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