covered with blossoms
a business card
floats on the pond

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  1. En Jay Says:

    take-out menus
    pile up beneath the door

  2. Bob Brill Says:

    I very much enjoy haiku like this which show the impact of nature on the human scene and vice versa.

  3. gergely lászló Says:


    virágba borult
    névjegykártya ring
    a kis tavon

  4. gergely lászló Says:

    there are some others from Barry to:

  5. d. f. tweney Says:

    gergely, I am amazed that you are making all these Hungarian translations of tinywords poets. so cool!

  6. gergely lászló Says:

    have you seen the small collection of your own hai's – I posted then only a few days ago…

    I started this old-man-job in December 2009 and I love it…

    I plan to traslate a big part of the more than 1600 haikus you published betwween 2000-2008 (actually the ones one can find in the archive) – from than on I am up to date with 9.1 & 10.1, but there are not all ot them yet on the greatest hungarian haiku-site:

    here you can find 51 names from whom some works I translated mostly based on tinywords publications…

    hope, it doesn't disturb anyone that these 'transplantations' are written in a weird little language…

  7. d. f. tweney Says:

    Wow, Gergely, I'm flattered. It's great to see my haiku translated into another language. and that's an amazing project you've set for yourself!

    I have just one request: Can you link back to tinywords with your translations on your site? It would be good for people to be able to come back and view the originals.

    Also, if any poets are upset at their haiku being translated this way, I hope you'll respect their wishes. I can't imagine, but some people might be.


  8. gergely lászló Says:

    at the moment it is impossible as this site is not mine, it belongs to Mr. Gábor TEREBESS and he is the one who makes the whole work with it and anyway, yur request doesn't fit into his concept…

    perhaps some time in the future I'll look for some kind of a solution…

    by the way we use our names in the same way as people do in Japan: GERGELY László, in english the other way round (unfotunately Gergely is also a forename, see Dylan Thomas)…

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