The way I rake the desert :: that would be my poverty

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  1. Roberta SG Says:

    Is this new Haiku corollary to that old one?:

    The old rake tried to pull it o.u.t.a.m.e ~
    But shov.elle sandblown buried,
    I'm tight as in the antepast.

  2. gergely lászló Says:

    ahogy a pusztaságot pásztázom :: az lenne az én nyomorúságom

  3. Yuji Says:

    Hoping to be more,
    vacuous, eccentric, and
    hopelessly obscure

  4. Roberta SG Says:

    Cook riffles pages
    Chantarelles rolled into bowl
    Scents waft, risers stir
    Doors soprano hinges swing
    pitpat scramble, altos yumm

  5. aminanimator Says:

    cooked soup of cat
    on surface under bowl
    note regulamin
    how to cook so as soul
    of tha cat stand in calming

  6. aminanimator Says:

    DG A/62/308

  7. @Aminanimator Says:


  8. coreurus Says:

    watercoolthe old light of stars
    comes to earth from all sides
    always my prayer
    greets each newly born
    and farewells the dying

  9. Darius Says:

    As someone in poverty:
    You have land to take?
    You can afford not shoplifting a rake?


    The Lawn
    the lawn
    I am also precious

    snoring cat
    I am Ill
    at ease

    ox ygen
    how the frog
    is what it is

  10. darius Says:

    trauma group –
    everyone here
    pushed the button

    horses run

  11. darius Says:

    straight lines
    i make my way
    the door

  12. darius Says:

    I get it
    It’s just
    designer energy

    my library
    used to loan
    out comma’s
    the cop don’t understand me

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