thick stump
an ant crosses the growth rings
into my childhood

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  1. @Roman_Ly Says:

    A very nice haiku. Quite a recognizable picture is in here!

  2. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    Wow~! Thank you so very much~!

  3. Kathe L. Palka Says:

    Lovely. Vivid. Great connection between human and nature.

  4. Lorin Says:

    Nice one, RaV…. ;-) I like the way you imply that you were a bit 'thick', too, as it adds a subtle touch of self-deprecating humour, though I don't for a moment believe you were or are at all 'thick'.

  5. Mary G. Says:

    Very nice…ants were much more a part of our childhood….

  6. anish Says:

    very beautiful!!
    sounds like it is talking about impermanence n interconnectedness from buddha’s line of thought :)
    very nice work.
    best wishes!

  7. Heng Neoh Says:

    Very biting. Very moving. I like it

    Journey of man. Journey of ant. All one!

  8. Marc Says:

    please unsubscribe

  9. Edgar Says:

    This is a really excellent haiku, both in the moment and in ongoing time. Possibly the best new thing I’ve read in some time.

  10. GeneMar Says:

    A lovely, well written haiku. The imagery is great!

  11. gergely lászló Says:

    vastag fa tönkje
    évgy?r?in gyerekkoromba
    indul egy hangya

  12. RaV Says:

    I'm very pleased it works right. Thank you so much for all your kind words.
    Lorin, I guess you considerably overrate my haiku skills. ;-) In fact, I'm a skinny person. :-)
    Warm greetings.

  13. judith ingram Says:

    Terrific imagery; we all can relate to it.

  14. Alison Says:

    One day an ant may cross my own grave, just as it crosses the stump of the dead tree. But in the meantime it takes me back in time to memories of childhood… marvelous poem!

  15. @Aminanimator Says:

    AN –

  16. pooqui Says:


  17. Alex Says:

    Excellent writing !

  18. bridalshowerinvite Says:

    everybody ultimately has usual luck; that’s why it’s ‘usual’

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