rising from prayer 
    i find myself 
        in tourist photographs

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  1. Merrill Gonzales Says:

    Very interesting… When you think about it, rising from prayer… each time we enter a new place… sometimes just as strange to us as tourist photos… each day is a new world…

  2. pooqui Says:

    This haiku reminds me of doing meditation on the rocks at Biddeford Pool on the Maine coast. I would sit in mediation following the rythm of the ocean and tourists would come scrambling over the rocks. All around me but never disturbing me. I think I need to go there again. Beautiful poem you've written. Peace.

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Great haiku.

  4. H Edgar Hix Says:

    It draws from me an image of the past and future, of the spiritually intense combined into the technologically banal. Good haiku. Thanks for sharing.

  5. hopediva Says:

    It seems after Asking, Reflection, Mediation, you found yourself where you wanted to be.

  6. @Jon_Summers Says:

    I thought this was excellent.

  7. patricia boutilier Says:

    wonderful haiku—an imediate image…and then…layers of meaning …rippling outward…

  8. martin1223 Says:

    dad’s old photo
    a boy looks past me

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