a beach day like any other
until she unwinds
the ties of her bikini

9 Responses

  1. grandpa Says:

    a day like any other
    until my first Playboy
    arrived in the mail

  2. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    And don't we all like memorable days~!
    Thanks for posting this one~!

  3. Martin Says:

    Great micro poem. Feeling. Imagery is

    vivid. We’ve all had a moment or 2

    when God says, “look what I can do!”.

    Take an ordinary day and make you

    smile inside.

  4. rksingh Says:

    Have read a lovely little haiku after a long time.
    R K Singh

  5. Golem100 Says:

    That was exactly the kind of local color I was looking for.
    Mark Twain.

  6. maddy Says:


  7. martin1223 Says:

    nudist beach
    the young woman’s wide hat
    shades her shadow

  8. martin1223 Says:

    Orchid beach
    the small of her back glistens
    into a curve

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