workday’s end
a construction worker pees
into the summer sun

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    As an ex-construction worker I love it. Never done this myself though, or this:

    warm day …
    the workman lunches
    in his wheelbarrow

    Alan Summers
    1. Snapshot Calendar 2005 (Snapshot Press)
    2. Hermitage haiku journal, Romania ISSN 1584-6970

  2. Andrea Says:

    Very nice and clever…

  3. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Love it. (And yours Alan – glad to read the caveat!)

  4. Collin Barber Says:

    Ha! Good one, Dietmar.

  5. Collin Barber Says:

    and yours too, Alan!

  6. Alan Summers Says:

    Well written, and feeling utterly authentic!

    all my best,

    The With Words International Online Haiku Competition 2010:

  7. martin1223 Says:

    lunching workmen
    the sidewalk darkens
    under spittle

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